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Fire Prevention

Home Fire Sprinklers Saves Lives and Property

·         Residential fire sprinklers react quickly to reduce heat, flames, and smoke. Family members are able to locate each other more safely and easily and escape the fire.

·         Children, the handicapped, and senior citizens are the most "AT RISK" groups and benefit the most from fire sprinklers.

·         Valuables, pictures, and other treasured items are much less likely to be badly damaged or destroyed in a home equipped with sprinklers.

·         Home owners that do experience a fire will be displaced from their home for a shorter time or possibly not at all.

·         Frightened pets often hide when fire strikes and owners are away. Sprinklers increase their chance of survival.

·         Home sprinkler systems are simple to test and maintain.

·         An installed sprinkler system adds fire safety and value to the home.

·         For more information on fire sprinklers visit


Last Updated: 10/12/2012

Example of sprinkler coverage


·         Eight out of ten fire deaths in the U.S. occur in the home.

·         Every 74 seconds, a home burns.

·         The National Fire Protection Assn. reports that homes with fire sprinklers and smoke alarms provide a 97% plus chance of survival compared to 50% with smoke alarms alone.

·         Sprinklers increase fire and life safety for Firefighters and the public.


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