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Awards Scoring


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Judges will award 10 points for Design. They will consider each of the elements below in awarding points:
- Seasonal Variety - How well does the design provide year-round color and interest?
- Design Interest - Is there an appropriate mix of plan and material shape, texture and form?

- Sense of Place - Does the landscape express our local and regional landscape character? This does not require only succulents and boulders. There are many examples at area demonstration gardens.

- Sense of Design - How well does the entire landscap hold together with balance, harmony, rhythm and flow of plant massings, site features and focal points?

- Overall Quality and Execution - Does the design show that the owner is proud to promote and display what is here?

Sustainability and Function

Judges will award 10 points for Sustainability and Function. They will consider each of the elements below in awarding points:

- Right Plant Right Place - How well does plant placement and selection reflect space and microclimate requirements? Will mature plants fit in the spaces where they are growing, or require constant pruning? Will plants suvive the temperatures in the exposure they have? Do plants have the shade and sun they will need. Are the plants suitable for soils here?

- Wildlife Attractors and/or Edible Plantings - Are there nesting or food resources for birds or butterflies? Are there features that will attract undesirable wildlife? Are there vegetables or fruits residents can enjoy?

- Water Harvesting - Are there any techniques in use? These might be water catchments, bioswales, gutters and rain chains or barrels.

- Shade - Is there any that will provide energy offsets to house? Are there bits of shade that protect tender plants and provide shelter for animals?

- Overall Landscape Functionality - Does it work?


Plant Material Condition

Judges will award 10 points for Plant Material Condition. They will consider each of the elements below in awarding points. 

- Healthy Appearance - Is landscape free of disease or insect and other animal damage? Is there mower or weed eater damage?

- Pruning & Support - Are treees properly staked as needed? Are plants out of path of pedestrians and auto traffic? Is pruning proper and naturalistic (no hard geometric forms)?

- Turf (if present) - Is it green, if in season for growth? Is it weed and debris free? Is it evenly mowed and edged uniformly?

Hardscape Condition
Judges will award 10 points for Hardscape Conditions. They will consider each of the elements below in awarding points.

- Dry Stream Beds/Rip Rap  - If present is it weed free? Is it free of washouts and granite fill?

- Mulch/Granite - Is it present where appropriate? Is it adequate depth to cover soil? IS there a smooth transition of walkways?

- Driveway/Patio/Sidewalks/Water Features - Are they free of debris and hazards? Are there plants that block traffic line of sight? Are curbs and gutters clear?

Overall Condition

- Irrigation System or Hoses/Spigots
- Are there leaks or puddles present? Are all areas working? IS the schedule seasonally appropriate?

- Appearance - Is it well cared for?

Water Efficiency
Staff and judges will use the water usage history of the property and measurements of the plants and water features at the property to award up to 20 points for water efficiency.

- Eligibility - Yards that use less than 11.2 gallons of water per square foot on initial calculation from application will be awarded 4 points. All finalists will have met this standard so they all start with a base of 4 points.

- Lowest Outdoor Usage Among Finalists - The property with the lowest outdoor usage will be awarded 1 additional point.

- Management of Water - The State of Arizona has established how much water grass, desert landscapes and pools require to remain functional and beautiful in a year's time. At the Yard visit, judges will measure the actual plants and water surfaces at the property so that the water usage can be compared to this standard. Those that use the least will be awarded more points, to a maximum of 15!


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The City of Goodyear and Liberty Water gratefully acknowledge the contribution of expertise and time that helped frame the award program. Jim Coffman (Coffman Studio, PLLC), Victor Pope (Victor’s Landscaping), Jennifer Barber (City of Goodyear resident), Brett Burningham (City of Goodyear Planner), Jo Cook (Master Gardener Coordinator, Maricopa County Extension Service, University of Arizona), Emily Wunder (Liberty Utilities), and Teresa Makinen(Makpro) all provided crucial guidance. We owe them a great debt.


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