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Enter when you have the best chance to win! All new plants require more water to get established. Waiting a year or two, so that watering has reached  the levels required for established plants will make your water usage more competitive.

 Remember: Residents must be at the home for 11 months for the past 12 months to assure that a fully year of both indoor and outdoor use is included in the comparison. If you just moved in, wait until you have been in the home 12-15 months. Take a few months to figure out  what the best watering schedules are, make repairs to plumbing and irrigation and get the water heater set efficiently.


 FIX leaking plumbing and irrigation before you start your 12 month of efficient water management. Enter after that so you will be most efficient.

CONSULT the resources offered here and ask friends and neighbors across the street for their opinion of your yard before entering. They may see something you can quickly fix or improve to have a better chance of winning.

SAVE the date. Mark the Yard Visit date for the season in which you apply on your calendar. Plan to be home unless you hear that your yard has been disqualified. Finalists that cannot be present for the Yard Visit will be disqualified.

Take lots of pictures at high resolution or using a single lens reflex camera. Select the best four to ten to submit. Submit digital versions with a good resolution (at least 72 dpi) or professionally printed images at 8” x 10” for highest impact. If home printing, use photo paper. 

Submit Photos of all parts of the yard. SHOW OFF!!

Include imaged from different times of the year, if available, to showcase seasonal features.

Take photos at the end of the day or on a cloudy day for more flattering light.  Be sure deep shadows don’t hide important features.

Submit photos that include only current plantings and features. 

Check Out These Resources From Your Water Providers 

H2O365 Water Conservation Class Series
The City of Goodyear offers a new series of FREE classes on hot to maintain your yard and how to improve water efficiency each Fall and Spring. Find class listings and register. All are welcome.

Smart Water Use
Liberty Water provides water efficiency information

Home Irrigation Checkups
Those with higher water usage who are interested in looking at ways to improve it, may sign up for free landscape irrigation checkups with their water provider. Find out how.

Irrigation and Watering
Arizona Municipal Water User Association and Arizona Department of Water Resources partnered to produce this index of resources. Find hard copies of the related brochures at City of Goodyear City Hall and Public Works Administration Building.

Plants and Maintenance
Arizona Municipal Water Users Association and Arizona Department of Water Resources partnered to produce this index of resources. Find hard copies of the Landscape with Style and Landscape Plants for the Arizona Desert at City of Goodyear City Hall and Public Works Administration Buildingings.

Print Materials

Stop by Goodyear City Hall or Public Works Administration Building to pick up free copies of a number of publications on watering, maintenance, plant selections and design.




Check Out These Other Great Resources


EPA WaterSense
Find water-efficient plumbing fixtures. Fixtures listed here are at least 10% more efficient than Federal standards. New product lines are specified and models lists are updated regularly.

Using Rainwater in Arizona Landscapes
University of Arizona Extension Service offers suggestions for improving efficiency in using rainwater.

Water Harvesting Resources
Courtesy of University of Arizona - A number of quick links

Demonstration Gardens
There are a number of gardens designed to show how water efficiency can be beautiful throughout Maricopa County. Take a trip for inspiration! See some of the plants you like, fullt established, in proper light and habitat conditions.

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