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Why Is The City Of Goodyear Doing This?

Single family households use half of all the water that is delivered to City water customers. Fifty to sixty percent of that water is used outdoors. Making sure that every drop used outside contributes to the health and attractiveness of the yard is a benefit to all of us.

Based on irrigation checking conducts by City staff, many city customers could reduce their outdoor water use by as much as 40% with their current landscaping and will still have a beautiful, healthy yard. Some residents fear that highly efficient yards will be unattractive. To help Goodyear residents see how they can have both a beautify yard, and a water –efficient household, the City wants to recognize those homeowners who do achieve water-efficient beauty.

Both the City of Goodyear and Liberty Water anticipate that this program will help more homeowners learn ways to reduce outdoor usage. Over time, this program’s goal is to reduce per household outdoor water use by cutting out the waste.

How Will The Winners Be Selected?

City Staff will select applications for completeness monthly and calculate the Outdoor Water Efficiency Estimate. Incomplete applications submitted by residents will not be considered. Outside nominations will be referred to the homeowner if incomplete, for opportunity to complete waiver. If the waiver is not received by the cutoff date, the application will be disqualified. Applications that do not meet the Eligibility Requirements will be disqualified.

-The Judged will make an initial cut of eligible applications after the Cut Off Deadline based soley on the submitted photos and description.

- Each Judge will then score all the remaining properties using the full application

- Only the highest scored applications will be considered for selection as finalist. Judges reserve the right to not make an award if there are no finalists that have received at least 80% of all available points.

- City Staff will also arrange to make measurements of all plant material and water features to score Water Use Coefficient.

- The Final Elimination – The Selection Committee will visit the finalist properties to see their condition, make measurements, and interview residents. All visits will be made on a single day, stated on the application for Award each period. An adult over 21 must be present to meet the Selection Committee and provider property access.

-The top ranked application will be contacted to verify the owner will be present for the site visit. If they will not be available, the application will be eliminated from judging.

- Judges will select the winner based on the top combined score for Design (20), Maintenance (20), and Water Efficiency (20).

- Winners will be notified of their award by phone and letter.

What Are The Prizes?

H2Ownit Landscape Award winners will be selected four times per year. All qualified entries received since the last cutoff date for the Award will be judged together. The Award winners will be recognized in these and other ways:

• Mayor and Council recognition at a Council meeting

• Sign posted in yard for 30 days 
  (or as allowed by the property's homeowner's association)

• Feature in InFOCUS and the Works articles

• Features on the City's Facebook page and other social media

• Media release announcement

• Gallery of award winners on this website

Annual Grand Prize Selection

All winners in the four award selections will be entered in the Annual Grand Prize Contest. Specific prizes for the year will be announced here before the Grand Prize is awarded. The overall winner will be eligible for:

• Prize equal in value to one year’s water charges on utility bill from water provider, estimated to be worth $200-$325 (other conditions apply*)
• Yard art or furniture
• Rainwater harvesting equipment (rain chimes, barrel, soaker hose)
• Smart controller or other ultra-efficient plumbing or irrigation fixtures to replace existing ones

The other three winners may also be eligible for additional recognition at the time of the Annual Grand Prize announcement.



Cut-off for Eligibility

Selection Announcement

Summer 2013

September 30, 2013

Late October

Fall 2013

TBD (near end of 2013)

Early 2014

Winter 2014


Spring 2014

Spring 2014


June 2014

Grand Prize 2013-14

Same as Spring 2014

June/July 2014

*Recipient must agree to have outdoor water use directly metered through installation of an additional meter at property for at least 12 months.  The value of this prize will be related to only the water used, not base rates, sewer, or sanitation charges. Recipient may be required to agree to other requirements.

What Are The Rules And Guidelines?

To give all entrants a fair chance, their total water use, as well as use outdoors, must be verifiable for the same test period. This equity requirement has shaped several of the eligibility criteria for the Award.

The Award has been established to recognize exemplary water efficient properties. Compliance with City codes for the property, timely payment of bills, and water usage all demonstrate the commitment to manage property sustainably.  Consequently, all entered properties must satisfy all the requirements below.  Properties that do, will receive full evaluation.

Nominees of properties that are not eligible will receive a letter notifying them of options to increase their competitiveness in the future.

In order to be eligible:

a.    Owner/Occupant of property must be a water customer of City or of Liberty Water (within City limits)

b.    Nomination must be submitted by owner or have permission of owner. Waiver must be submitted.

c.    Nominate property as Owner of Property or Nominator of Property. If Nominator is a person other than the owner, the Nominator must attach waiver signed by owner of property giving permission to submit the property and comply with requirements.

d.    Occupant must have legally resided a minimum of 1 year in the residence.

e.    Occupant must have resided in the house a minimum of 11 months of the past twelve.  Those who have had longer absences are encouraged to wait until there has been a 12 month period in which they have been present at the house to apply.  

f.    Property must be current for City bills.

g.    There must be no City Code violations current or within one year of the entry.

h.    Property cannot have been a winner in past five years.

i.    Property cannot have been nominated for the Award within the past twelve months.

j.    Property must meet the outdoor water efficiency standard (Water Use Coefficient)*

k.    The portion of the property that uses City or Liberty Water must be fully landscaped in order for the property to be eligible.

l.    Any portion of the property that receives water from a source other than City or Liberty Water for irrigation is NOT eligible for inclusion. Entries for property that include such land must identify the area (square feet) that receives water from the irrigation source so that it can be excluded from scoring.

*Outdoor water efficiency, known as the Water Use Coefficient, will be computed by City staff when entry is received. The
Water Use Coefficient is a comparison of the estimated outdoor water use to the approximate outdoor area at the property. Outdoor water use is estimated as total annual use minus estimated average efficient indoor household use (35,000 gallons per year). Outdoor area will be estimated a lot size minus livable square feet.  Estimated outdoor water efficiency must be less than 11.2 gallons of water per square foot outdoor area to qualify. This fraction will be scored exactly for finalists by measuring plants and pool area. 

Nominate a Winner & Submit an Entry

Nominate a winner!

You can nominate your own yard for the H2Ownit Landscape Award using the online application. Contractors who work on a residential property or a neighbor may also nominate a property. The application submitted for someone else’s property must still include the Owner’s Waiver giving permission for the nomination. Owners of properties must agree to have photos of the property and information about it shared through a variety of media in order to be evaluated.

Submit the Entry

Enter in the way that’s most convenient for you—and most likely to make you a winner. Just be sure the entry is complete. You can submit it directly online (by attaching photos, description, and plant list), or print the entry application, fill it out and attach additional portions to hand-carry to the Public Works department or mail it in.  Receipt of a complete entry will be acknowledged within two weeks.

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