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Medical Insurance
Medical Insurance
The City of Goodyear contracts with CIGNA Healthcare to offer a choice of 3 medical plans to benefit-eligible employees: a HMO/PPO Plan and two High Deductible with a Health Savings Account. Each plan offers differing degrees of flexibility to our employees. The City currently pays 97% of employee premiums in the HMO and High Deductible Plans.  For other medical coverage’s, the City pays 80-90% of premiums depending upon the plan type and coverage category.  Children are covered up to age 26.


In this plan, employees select a primary care physician (PCP) from within a network of doctors. These are doctors that contract with Cigna Healthcare to accept patients under their plan; Employees work with their PCP to coordinate their care. When prescriptions are needed, employees who selected this plan have a large network of contracted pharmacies available. When specialty care is required, employees do not need a referral to visit a participating specialist.

TWO CHOICES OF CIGNA High Deductible Plans with a H.S.A
In this plan, employees select a primary care physician (PCP) from within a network of doctors, the employee does have the option of going out of network for services however their deductible would be higher if they choose to do so. The employee pays full price for services under this plan- no co pays. Once the out of pocket maximum deductible is met, all services, prescriptions, etc. are no cost to the employee.

CIGNA Open Access PLUS - Out of Network
Employees electing this plan may visit any doctor they choose. They will save money by using providers within the network. Under the PPO, employees may get their prescriptions filled at any pharmacy within the Cigna Healthcare network and they do not need a referral to see a specialist when needed.

*Co-pays and deductibles/coinsurance vary by plan type and service provided

Additional Benefits Available for Full Time Employees Include:
Dental Insurance (CIGNA), Life, Commuter, Trip, Short Term Disability and Supplemental Life Insurance.  The City also offers Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts Aflac Cancer Policy, Legal program and Vision Care.



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