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H2Ownit Landscape Awards

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Do you have a stunning yard that you maintain with little water? How do you do it?

All of Arizona would like to know! So, the City of Goodyear invites you to nominate your lovely yard for the H2Ownit Landscape Award and show off your yard in all its beauty!
H2Ownit Landscape Awards recognize water-efficient, attractive residential landscapes in Goodyear. Entries will be judged four times a year by a panel that includes landscape, water, and planning experts. Winning properties, their owners, and contributors to their beauty, will be publicized through a variety of outlets. Each year, one property will be selected as the Grand Prize winner. At the annual selection, the winning property owner(s) will receive prizes of merchandise or services to help keep their yards gorgeous and the opportunity to have FREE water for a full year.*

Why is the City of Goodyear doing this?

Single family households use half of all the water that is delivered to City water customers.  Fifty to sixty percent of that water is used outdoors.  Making sure that every drop used outside contributes to the health and attractiveness of the yard is a benefit to all of us.
Based on irrigation checkups conducted by City staff, many City customers could reduce their outdoor water use by as much as 40% with their current landscaping and still have a beautiful, healthy yard. Some residents fear that highly efficient yards will be unattractive. To help Goodyear residents see how they can have both a beautiful yard, and a water-efficient household, the City wants to recognize those homeowners who do achieve water-efficient beauty.

Both the City of Goodyear and Liberty Water anticipate that this program will help more homeowners learn ways to reduce outdoor usage.  Over time, this program’s goal is to reduce per household outdoor water use by cutting out the waste.

How can we participate?

Nominate a winner!

You can nominate your own yard for the H2Ownit Landscape Award using the online application. Contractors who work on a residential property or a neighbor may also nominate a property. The application submitted for someone else’s property must still include the Owner’s Waiver giving permission for the nomination. Owners of properties must agree to have photos of the property and information about it shared through a variety of media in order to be evaluated.

Submit the Entry

Enter in the way that’s most convenient for you—and most likely to make you a winner. Just be sure the entry is complete. You can submit it directly online (by attaching photos, description, and plant list), or print the entry application, fill it out and attach additional portions to hand-carry to the Public Works department or mail it in.  Receipt of a complete entry will be acknowledged within two weeks.

How will the winners be selected?

• City staff will check applications for completeness monthly and calculate the Outdoor Water Efficiency Estimate. Incomplete applications submitted by residents will be set aside.  Outside nominations will be referred to the homeowner if incomplete, for opportunity to complete waiver. If the waiver is not received by the cutoff date, the application will be disqualified. Applications that do not meet the Eligibility Requirements will be disqualified.

• The Judges will make an initial cut of eligible applications after the Cut off Deadline based soley on the submitted photos and description.

• Each Judge will then score all the remaining properties using the full application.

• Only the highest scored applications will be considered for selection as finalist. Judges reserve the right to not make an award if there are no finalists that have received at least 80% of all available points.

• City staff will also arrange to make measurements of all plant material and water features to score Water Use Coefficient.

• The Final Elimination - The Selection Committee will visit the finalist properties to see their condition, make measurements, and interview residents.  All visits will be made on a single day, stated on the application for Award each period.  An adult over 21 must be present to meet the Selection Committee and provide property access.

 • The top ranked applicants will be contacted to verify the owner will be present for the site visit.  If they will not be available, the application will be eliminated from the judging.

• Judges will select the Winner based on the top combined score for Design (20), Maintenance (20), and Water Efficiency (20). 

• Winners will be notified of their award by phone and letter. 

*This offer is limited to the maximum value of the water used in the year used for award evaluation. In addition, to be eligible for the FREE water for a year, the winner must agree to share their water use records for a future year with the City. The City will provide full details to winner to allow them to make a decision at the time the Grand Prize is awarded.

What will we win?

Great prizes! Check out the Awards and Grand Prize page for all the details!


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