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Area to Judge Estimate
Outdoor Area Estimate

This section will help you determine the estimated size of your property's outdoor area. Essentially, it is the property's lot size minus the area used for living space. What's left over is the outdoor area of the property, which along with the property's water usage will help us establish the Water Coefficient.

So let's get started! 

Using the Maricopa County Assessor’s Residential Property page, enter the property's street address in the Search field. 

Area Estimate

Scroll down the screen to Residential Property Characteristics which looks like this. Just above the Improvement Characteristics, you'll find the Lot Square Footage and the Livable Square Footage

Residential Property Characteristics


Subtract the Livable Square Footage from the Lot Square Footage to find the estimate of your Outdoor Area.  

In this example, it's:
Lot Sqare Feet                  6579
Livable Square Footage    -1869
Outdoor Area                    4710 square feet

Use this Outdoor Area Estimate to compute your Water Coefficient

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