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Awards Eligibility
H2Ownit Landscape Award Eligibility

To give all entrants a fair chance, their total water use, as well as use outdoors, must be verifiable for the same test period. This equity requirement has shaped several of the eligibility criteria for the Award.

The Award has been established to recognize exemplary water efficient properties. Compliance with City codes for the property, timely payment of bills, and water usage all demonstrate the commitment to manage property sustainably.  Consequently, all entered properties must satisfy all the requirements below.  Properties that do, will receive full evaluation.

Nominees of properties that are not eligible will receive a letter notifying them of options to increase their competitiveness in the future.

In order to be eligible
a.    Owner/Occupant of property must be a water customer of City or of Liberty Water (within City limits)
b.    Nomination must be submitted by owner or have permission of owner. Waiver must be submitted.
c.    Nominate property as Owner of Property or Nominator of Property. If Nominator is a person other than the owner, the Nominator must attach waiver signed by owner of property giving permission to submit the property and comply with requirements.
d.    Occupant must have legally resided a minimum of 1 year in the residence.
e.    Occupant must have resided in the house a minimum of 11 months of the past twelve.  Those who have had longer absences are encouraged to wait until there has been a 12 month period in which they have been present at the house to apply.  
f.    Property must be current for City bills.
g.    There must be no City Code violations current or within one year of the entry.
h.    Property cannot have been a winner in past five years.
i.    Property cannot have been nominated for the Award within the past twelve months.
j.    Property must meet the outdoor water efficiency standard (Water Use Coefficient)*
k.    The portion of the property that uses City or Liberty Water must be fully landscaped in order for the property to be eligible.
l.    Any portion of the property that receives water from a source other than City or Liberty Water for irrigation is NOT eligible for inclusion. Entries for property that include such land must identify the area (square feet) that receives water from the irrigation source so that it can be excluded from scoring.

*Outdoor water efficiency, known as the Water Use Coefficient, will be computed by City staff when entry is received. The Water Use Coefficient is a comparison of the estimated outdoor water use to the approximate outdoor area at the property. Outdoor water use is estimated as total annual use minus estimated average efficient indoor household use (35,000 gallons per year). Outdoor area will be estimated a lot size minus livable square feet.  Estimated outdoor water efficiency must be less than 11.2 gallons of water per square foot outdoor area to qualify. This fraction will be scored exactly for finalists by measuring plants and pool area. 

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