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My Neighborhood
My Neighborhood

"My Neighborhood" has been designed for the active members in our community who want to stay informed regarding their neighborhoods. We are providing crime data, crime prevention information, information on how to start or get involved in your Neighborhood Watch programs, enroll in a monthly Neighborhood Newsletter, get signed up with Facebook and ways to communicate with our Department.

COMPSTAT - statistical data that represents the reports taken within our City. This information is compiled information which means this could be anonymous crimes that occur (randomly or systematically) and crimes that occur by people known (domestic, neighborhood disputes, juvenile retaliation, etc.). There are various circumstances with every instance a report is taken. Sometimes, reports are investigated and found to be fraudulently reported with insurance fraud as the motivating factor. So, although the Goodyear Police Department is providing statistical data, it is important for you to consider this information. Contact our Community Services Unit if you would like more information regarding your neighborhood. 

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Crime Prevention
Community members need to take some responsibility and diligence in preventing crime. Simple actions such as not leaving your car doors unlocked, keep valuables out of plain sight in your vehicle, close your garage doors when you are not within eye sight, and there are several more. The more involved you are in your neighborhood, the more likely crime is deterred. Keep eye contact with people, not a mad eye-gazing look, perhaps smile and wave. If people know you are watching and paying attention, they are less likely to commit a crime. Put your lawn equipment, sporting gear, etc. away when you are done using them. Again, simple Crime Prevention techniques helps take action in your neighborhood. 
Neighborhood Watch
If you want to get involved in Neighborhood Watch for your neighborhood, please see the attached documents on how to sign up today! Our Community Services Unit will get you started once you provide the information necessary. Get involved, get creative and make a difference in your Neighborhood. Contact our Community Services Unit if you would like more information regarding Neighborhood Watch.

Neighborhood Newsletters
 Sign-up to get monthly Newslettersdistributed to Neighborhood Block Watch leaders and to local Businesses. Sharing information and communicating about Crime Prevention helps our community be safe, vigilant and pro-active! These letters contain information about crime incidents occurring within our City, information regarding events within our City, Q & A section of frequently asked questions, over-all safety/preventive information.

"Like" our Goodyear Police Department Facebook page and get updates as they get posted. Share photos, experiences, events and news releases with Goodyear Police Department!

If you wish to contact the Police Department regarding your Neighborhood, please contact Community Services Unit or submit information on a Comment Card, Investigative TIP or Narcotic TIP.

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