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Department Divisions
Police Department Divisions

Enforcement Bureau

The Enforcement Bureau of the Goodyear Police Dept consists of the Patrol Division and the Criminal Investigations Division with direct report to Deputy Chief Rogers. 

Patrol Division consists of 6 squads at 2 day, 2 swing and 2 night shifts and support staff - two Police Assistants. There are 4 Police Lieutenants and 6 Police Sergeants who supervise the Patrol Division. 

Investigations Division consists of three Units. The Investigations Division is supervised one Lieutenant and three Sergeants. The three Units are: Persons Crime Unit, Property Crimes Unit and the Narcotics Unit. There are support staff members such as: Crisis Services Coordinator, Investigations Specialist and Volunteers. 

Persons Crime Unit consists of 5 Detectives and a Sergeant, Sgt Mary Ward. Their cases are connected with major "crimes against a person" meaning Aggravated Assault, Homicide, Sex Crimes, etc.

Property Crimes Unit consists of 5 Detectives a Sergeant, Sgt Jason Costello. Their cases are connected with major "property crimes" such as burglary of a vehicle, home, business, theft, etc.

The Narcotics Unit is a specialized unit that is responsible for the suppression and apprehension of criminals involved in the sales and use of illegal drugs.

Crisis Services is available for several victim rendered incidents.

Support Services Bureau

The Support Services Bureau of the Goodyear Police Dept consists of the Specialized Patrol Division, Telecommunications Division and the Community Services Division with direct report to Deputy Chief Marzocca.

The Specialized Patrol Division is commanded by Lt Jason DeHaan. It consists of the K9 Unit and the Traffic Unit. The K9 Unit is supervised by Sgt. S. Clarke. There are three dog handlers that work various shifts and days of the week.  The Traffic Unit is supervised by Sgt J. Seabright. There are 3 Motor Officers, 3 Traffic Enforcement vehicles and one administrative staff member to handle Impounds.

The Telecommunication Division has one Manager, four Shift Supervisors and 12 Dispatchers. Their schedules will vary and shift every 6 months. This unit is managed by Chris Nadeau.

The Community Services Division is commanded by Lt Santiago Rodriguez and consists of the Hiring/Recruitment/Selection, the Community Services Unit, the Training Unit and the Volunteer Program. The Community Services Unit has two officers who work various days and hours. The Training Unit consists of one Sergeant, one training officer, three School Resource Officers and one Judicial Enforcement Officer. The School Resources Officers are located at the three High Schools within Goodyear. The officers are utilized at various other schools within the City and participate in a multitude of events involving school-aged children.

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