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General Plan Committee

General Plan CommitteeGoodyear 2025:

General Plan Committee

The Goodyear 2025 General Plan Committee was appointed by City Council on October 1, 2012. They are charged with overseeing every aspect of the General Plan update. The Committee meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 P.M. at the Goodyear Justice Center, 185 North 145th Avenue, (southeast corner of 145th Avenue and Van Buren Street), Goodyear, AZ. The public is welcome to attend.

General Plan Committee Members

 General Plan Committee Meetings  
 Meeting #1: October 9, 2012  Agenda, Minutes, & Video  Presentation Handouts              Meeting Summary   
 Meeting #2: November 13, 2012  Agenda, Minutes, & Video  Presentation Handouts  Meeting Summary  
 Meeting #3: December 11, 2012  Agenda, Minutes & Video  Presentation Handouts  Meeting Summary  Readings
 Meeting #4: January 8, 2013  Agenda, Minutes & Video  Presentation Handouts  Meeting Summary  Readings
 Meeting #5: February 12, 2013  Agenda, Minutes & Video  Presentation  Meeting Summary  
 Meeting #6: March 12, 2013  Agenda, Minutes & Video  Presentation Handouts    Readings
 Meeting #7:  April 9, 2013  Agenda, Minutes & Video  Presentation  Meeting Summary  Readings
 Meeting #8:  May 14, 2013  Agenda, Minutes & Video  Presentation  Meeting Summary  Readings
 Meeting #9: June 11, 2013  Agenda, Minutes & Video  Map of Tour  Meeting Summary  
 Meeting #10: July 9, 2013  Cancelled        
 Meeting #11: August 13, 2013  Agenda, Minutes & Video  Presentation  Handouts  Meeting Summary  
 Meeting #12: September 10, 2013 Agenda, Minutes and Video  Presentation      
 Meeting #13: October 8, 2013 Agenda, Minutes and Video Presentation   Meeting Summary  
 Meeting #14: November 12, 2013 Agenda, Minutes and Video Presentation Handouts    

Idea Champion Presentations

Each month, members of the General Plan Committee have the opportunity to make a brief presentation on an idea or topic that could benefit Goodyear. Below are copies of the presentations that have been made to the General Plan Committee.

February - Transportation
February - Cycling in Goodyear

April - Torrence, CA Arts Center
April - Putting Health Into the Equation
April - Benefits of Cultural Facilities to Communites of All Sizes

May - Tourism
May - Bullard Corridor Land Use
May - Technology

August - Infrastructure and Facilities Cost Index

September - Social Services 
September -   Water

October - Historic Train Depot

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