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History in Green and Blue
"History in Green and Blue" - by artist Nina Solomon and Heidi Dauphin
Location - Palmateer Park (200 E. Western Avenue)
Goodyear’s historic Palmateer Park features a colorful, eye-catching art sign that fronts Western Avenue, east of Litchfield Road. Titled “History in Green and Blue,” the functional sculpture was designed by local artists Nina Solomon and Heidi Dauphin and constructed of fired ceramic tiles, crisp metal lettering, and a sepia-colored photo tile “time line” that showcases Goodyear’s history from the 1950s through the 1960s. A close look shows the combination of imaginative and practical thought that went into the design. The name “Palmateer Park” was cleverly angled so that drivers can read the sign whether they’re entering or leaving Historic Goodyear. The “green,” seen in the lowest section, represents the cotton that the Goodyear Rubber and Tire Company used to make wheels to support America’s efforts during the First World War. Above the cotton is the expansive blue sky that graces our city, and above that, brown metal mountains reminiscent of the Estrella and White Tank ranges frame the design just as they frame our city.

Palm 1.jpg

The park is named for Cecil R. Palmateer, Goodyear’s mayor from 1959 to 1969, and the man whose name is tied to nearly every innovation made during his 36-year career with Goodyear, including new methods for farming, grain storage, low-cost war-time housing, and even the construction of the Wigwam Inn.

Goodyear’s Parks Division contributed the curbing and rock landscaping to the artists’ design, giving it a clean, crisp outline Additionally, the city received a federal grant which will restore the park to an attractive green area for its residents. James Hendricks, the artist who created the imaginative benches we all enjoy along Western Avenue, has been commissioned to design and fabricate new benches for Palmateer Park as well.

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