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Monsoon Season
Monsoon Awareness Week

June 10 through 15 is Arizona Monsoon Awareness Week

The National Weather Service, in partnership with the state of Arizona and the Emergency Management community, has designated June 10th throughMonsoon overview 15th "Monsoon Awareness Week." Its purpose is to promote awareness of life-threatening and damaging weather hazards affecting Arizona and its residents during the North American Monsoon. Our "Monsoon Season" officially extends from June 15th through September 30th, the time during which associated hazards are most likely to occur.

The Southwest Monsoon is a seasonal reversal in prevailing winds that brings added moisture to the desert southwest, centered on Arizona. This increased moisture, along with the desert heat, leads to development of thunderstorms, mostly over higher terrain. These storms often will travel across the lower desert creating a number of severe weather threats.

These include:
As always during the summer in the desert southwest, excessive heat remains a serious threat.

More information can be found at:

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