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Air, Earth, Water
Air, Earth, Water - by artist Mary Shindell
Location - Community Park (3151 N. Litchfield Road)
Dedicated on April 27, 2012, this multi-dimensional and colorful artwork by local artist Mary Shindell has completely transformed Community Park. She titled the park’s new public art, “air, earth, water,” because, she states, these three elements are all intertwined throughout the park. “air,” for example, is represented by Egyptian-inspired symbols (hieroglyphics) to represent Goodyear’s early industry of raising Egyptian cotton during World War I for airplane tires. “air” also represents Community Park’s various sport venues and equipment, some of which soar into the air, such as skateboarding, basketball, and volleyball. “earth” is represented by the many animals and plants etched into the red granite, all of which are indigenous to the Southwest. And “water” gets its due too. One example is the park’s very popular and refreshing splash pad.


Community Park is located on the east side of Litchfield Road between Thomas and Indian School roads. At the entrance, you’ll see a roundabout with obelisks and playful, custom-designed and fabricated fencing between each obelisk. Red granite, terrazzo and recycled glass, and a lively shade of green unite all the elements dramatically.

Be sure to take your children on a treasure hunt amidst the roundabout and low seat walls nearby which have coordinating large plaques. They’ll find dragonflies, roadrunners, even hawks on their quest!

“I enjoy public art because I like the way large format visuals influence and change the look of public meeting places,” says Mary. “Public art transforms an ordinary location into one with a distinctive, memorable personality. As a result, people recall the location, and often remember their experiences at the location as well, almost always in a positive way.”

Written by Arts and Culture Commissioner Linda Strauss-Lewis.

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