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Code Compliance

Take Care of Our Critters

The City of Goodyear's codes are designed to protect the public's health and safety while ensuring every citizen the right to a clean, enjoyable neighborhood. It is important that we be considerate by maintaining our pets as required by City code. Pets kept within City limits are allowed as long as they do not cause, create, contribute to or become a public or private nuisance due to:

·          Noise at any time of the day or night. Dogs will bark, we all know that, but if they are barking constantly or during the night and disturbing the neighborhood this would be a violation. Contact your veterinarian or pet store for options to control this problem.

·          The presence of flies, insects, vermin, odors, dust or other obnoxious material. The City code requires that manure or droppings be removed from the property at least twice weekly.

·          Dogs are not permitted to be at large. The City code requires that dogs be restrained by a leash, chain, rope or cord of not more than six feet in length and of sufficient strength to control the action of the dog on public streets, public parks or public property.

·          No more than four household pets are allowed per property. The City of Goodyear restricts residents from keeping, harboring or maintaining more than four pets per household. Many times, too many pets lead to unsanitary conditions.

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Barking Dogs

To report a barking dog, please complete a Service Request Form or contact the City of Goodyear's Code Compliance Division at 623-882-7815. When a complaint is received, a letter is sent to the property owner advising of the complaint and the City's nuisance code. If the barking occurs at night, early morning or weekends, citizens can also contact the Police Department on their non-emergency number: 623-932-1220. An officer will be sent to check the disturbance.

If the problem continues, the complainant may request a Barking Dog Complaint packet, which includes requirements for submitting a petition and weekly logs. In order for Code Compliance to initiate legal action against the dog owner, it is required that three neighbors sign the petition and keep a log documenting the barking nuisance for a period of two weeks. This log and petition must also be supplemented with either a video or audio tape that is consistent with the documentation of the log. To request a Barking Dog Complaint packet, please contact Code Compliance at 623-882-7815. All corrective options, including mediation, will be attempted prior to taking legal action.


Last Updated: 2/27/2010

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