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Code Compliance

Parking - New Regulations!

Parking on Unpaved Surfaces (including Private Property), Dirt Lots or Unpaved Roads

Recently, the State of Arizona adopted new legislation in regards to parking on unimproved lots. The purpose is to help keep dust particulates down to meet the PM10 mandates set by the federal government. Goodyear adopted a new Dust Control Ordinance to comply with the Maricopa Association of Governments' plan to reduce harmful particulate emissions by five percent per year until our region meets federal air quality standards. Because of this, the City requires vehicles be parked on paved driveways or parking lots - not on grass, rock or dirt. Parking on anything other than asphalt, concrete or masonry could constitute a violation.

Goodyear has also adopted parking regulations in the Zoning Ordinance. Residential lots are required to have paved driveways and parking spaces for vehicles. No vehicle can be parked in a front yard, except on an authorized driveway. Parking will not be allowed on both sides of the house.

Code also prohibits vehicle parking (including vehicles for sale) on dirt shoulders, vacant lots, or block corners. Property owners may not allow vehicles to park or drive on vacant dirt lots or unpaved roads, and may install fencing and driveway barricades to keep vehicles off unpaved areas. Owners may also post "no trespassing" signs to prevent unauthorized use of the unpaved areas of their property. Special Event parking requires the City to approve stabilization measures on any unpaved surface.

Parking on City Streets

Did you know that parking a licensed vehicle on the street in the City of Goodyear is not a City code violation? However, many of our subdivisions have Covenants, Codes & Restrictions (CC & R's) prohibiting on-street parking. These codes and restrictions are enforced only by the Homeowner's Association.

While the City may not enforce the "no parking on street" rule, it does enforce "the direction the car is parked." When you park your car on the street, it must be in the direction of traffic with the right-hand wheels parallel to and within eighteen inches of the right-hand curb. The City also enforces "no parking on the sidewalk" and "no parking on vacant lots."

Unattached trailers or recreation vehicles may not be left parked on City streets for more than 48 hours.

Improper parking

Parking Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles are motor homes, boats, utility trailers, travel trailers, campers or work trailers. Recreational vehicles must be parked within an enclosed garage or in the side or rear yards on a paved surface behind a solid six-foot fence. They may be parked in the driveway for up to 48 hours before and after use for loading and unloading only.

No more than 2 recreational vehicles, travel trailers, un-mounted camper shells, accessory trailers, work trailers, inoperable or unlicensed vehicles, boats and the like can be stored in either the rear or side yards. If your property orientation does not allow for proper storage, the recreational vehicle must be stored in a public storage lot.

Abandoned and/or Inoperable Vehicles

Vehicles that are inoperable and/or abandoned for more than 72 hours must be parked in an enclosed garage or a paved area behind a fence and not visible from public or private property.

To report a parking violation, please complete a Service Request Form or contact Code Compliance Office at 623-882-7815.

Inoperable vehicle


Last Updated: 2/27/2012

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