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Code Compliance

Recreational Vehicles


Goodyear City Code prohibits vehicle operation on an unpaved surface that is not a public or private road, street or lawful easement, and that is closed by the landowner. This includes vehicles such as: Off-highway vehicles (OHVs), Off-road recreational motor vehicles (ORRMVs) and All-terrain vehicles (ATVs). Code prohibits ATV use on any unpaved surface on High Pollution Advisory Days.

Code requires any person who rents or sells (in the normal course of business) off-highway vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, or off-road recreational motor vehicles to provide the buyer or renter with printed materials approved by ADEQ.

ATV riders

ADEQ will provide retailers with written material that will educate and inform the user on methods for reducing dust generation and will include information about related dust control ordinances and restrictions.

Parking Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles are motor homes, boats, utility trailers, travel trailers, campers or work trailers. Recreational vehicles must be parked within an enclosed garage or in the side or rear yards on a paved surface behind a solid six-foot fence. They may be parked in the driveway for loading and unloading for up to 48 hours only. Unattached trailers or recreational vehicles may not be left parked in the street for more than 48 hours.

No more than 2 recreational vehicles, travel trailers, un-mounted camper shells, accessory trailers, work trailers, inoperable or unlicensed vehicles, boats and the like can be stored in either the rear or side yards. If your property orientation does not allow for proper storage, the recreational vehicle must be stored in a public storage lot.

To report a violation, please complete a Service Request Form or contact Code Compliance Division at 623-882-7815.


Last Updated: 2/27/2010

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