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Code Compliance

Rental Property

State Requirement

In August 1999, the Arizona Legislature passed the Residential Rental Property Statute (A.R.S. 33-1902), which requires all property owners to register their residential rental property. Registering rental property gives public safety agencies a way to contact owners when emergencies or problems occur on their property.

If you own rental property, please contact the Maricopa County Assessor?s Office at 602-506-3406 or visit the Assessor?s Web site to determine the requirements for registration. Failure to register a residential rental property carries a mandatory civil penalty of $1000 plus $100 for each additional month the property is not registered.  For questions about this process or problems with a rental property near you, complete a Service Request Form or contact Code Compliance Office  at 623-882-7814.

Goodyear Ordinance

Realizing that apartments and other rental properties have a major impact on the appearance and integrity of neighborhoods, the City Council approved a Goodyear Residential Rental Property Ordinance that falls in line with the State adopted law.

The Ordinance, which establishes minimum health and safety standards for rental properties, applies to both the interior and exterior of a dwelling. This applies to any apartment, single-family home, or mobile home that is rented or leased for a fee.

Housing complex

Please complete a Service Request Form or contact Code Compliance Office  at 623-882-7815 to report possible code violations.


Last Updated: 2/27/2010

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