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Tips to Keep Your Home & Car Safe & Secure


One out of ten homes will be burglarized this year. For a small amount of time and money, you can make your home more secure and reduce your chances of being a victim. You know your neighborhood best – call and report any suspicious activity to the Police Department right away, at 623-932-1220.

Check the Locks

Ø        Lock your doors and windows.

Ø        Make sure every external door has a sturdy, well installed lock.

Ø        Sliding glass doors can offer easy access if they are not properly secured. Purchase extra locks for these doors at most hardware stores.

Ø        Instead of hiding extra keys around the outside of the house, give an extra to key to someone you can trust.

Ø        When you move to a new home, re-key all the locks.

Lock doors and windows

Check the Doors

Ø        All outside doors should be metal or solid wood.

Ø        Get a metal security door, also with a strong lock.

Ø        Make sure your door fits the frame – a loose fit makes it easy to open.

Ø        Install a peephole in all entry doors to be able to see who is outside. DO NOT open your door for strangers.

Security door

Check the Outside

Ø        Thieves hate bright lights. Install outside lights and keep them on at night. Motion lights work well too.

Ø        Keep your yard clean. Prune back shrubbery so it does not hide doors or windows. Thieves can hide there while breaking into a window or door.

Ø        Clearly display your house number so Police and other Emergency Services can find your home quickly.

Ø        If you travel, create the illusion that you are home by using timers which will turn on and off lights in different areas of the house during the evening.

Ø        Don’ let mail or newspapers pile up. Stop mail service when you are away, and pick up newspapers so your home does not become a target.

Ø        Lock outside gates to backyards or courtyards.

Burglar breaking in through window

Check your Vehicle

Ø        If you have a garage, use it. Your vehicle is safer inside.

Ø        Find a deterrent for your vehicle, such as “the club” or an alarm. This will not be a guarantee, but it may make the burglar move on to another vehicle.

Ø        Do not leave valuables inside your vehicle. This is an invitation to get broken into.

House with attached garage


Last Updated: 1/12/2009

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