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Fire, Building & Life Safety Division

Fire Prevention

Construction Inspections

The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for working with architects, engineers, and contractors to ensure that adequate fire department access and water supply is provided for new and newly expanded facilities, that fire protection equipment and devices are properly installed, and processes are properly protected. Once the plans are approved by Fire Department Plans Examiners, a permit will be issued and work on construction projects can commence. Once in place, installations are inspected for compliance with the approved plans.

A Contractor’s Job Site Guide is available to assist construction contractors with understanding and navigating the review and compliance process for the City of Goodyear. As each element of construction is completed and prior to covering or concealing, the customer or contractor must contact the Fire Prevention Division to schedule an inspection.

Inspector checking plans

Inspections continue until final inspection approval is obtained. These include fire sprinkler systems, private fire main and hydrants, cooking duct/hood systems, and fire detection and pull stations. You should use the Pre-Inspection checklist before scheduling your final inspection. To schedule a construction inspection, please contact the Inspection Hotline at 623-932-3494.

Fire Sprinkler & Fire Alarm Inspections

Fire sprinkler inspections are generally conducted in two phases. In addition, systems utilizing welded piping require a weld inspection prior to any piping being hung. The rough sprinkler inspection is to ensure the proper fit, seismic bracing and the layout of the piping. If a hydrostatic pressure test is required, it is usually performed at the same time as the rough inspection. The piping is filled with water and pressurized for at least two hours to demonstrate there are no leaks in the installation. Additional information can be found on Sprinkler Piping Pressure Tests. To schedule a sprinkler inspection, please contact the Inspection Hotline at 623-932-3494.

Inspector checking fire lines

Inspector checking panel

Fire alarm inspections are generally performed at final phase and will include a full function test of the system. The Temporary or Final Certificate of Occupancy will be signed by the Fire Department only after all life safety requirements have been satisfied. A Certificate of Occupancy Checklist is available to assist you. To schedule a fire alarm inspection, please contact the Inspection Hotline at 623-932-3494.


Last Updated: 11/19/2010

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