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Emergency Management

Public Awareness

Air Quality

For information on air quality, including compliance, public enforcement, and permits, please visit the Air Quality Department of Maricopa County. This site also contains daily wood burning and ozone information.

Flu Terms Defined

Seasonal flu, swine flu, avian flu and pandemic flu are not the same.

¨        Seasonal (or common) flu is a respiratory illness that can be transmitted person to person. Most people have some immunity and a vaccine is available.

¨        Swine flu is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza viruses that causes regular outbreaks in pigs. People do not normally get swine flu, but human infections can and do happen.

¨        Avian (or bird) flu (AI) is caused by influenza viruses that occur naturally among wild birds. Low pathogenic AI is common in birds and causes few problems. Highly pathogenic H5N1 is deadly to domestic fowl, can be transmitted from birds to humans, and is deadly to humans. There is virtually no human immunity and human vaccine availability is very limited.

¨        Pandemic Influenza (Flu) is virulent human flu that causes a global outbreak, or pandemic, of serious illness. Because there is little natural immunity, the disease can spread easily from person to person. Currently, there is no pandemic flu.

For vaccination locations, please visit Flu Shots in Arizona. For one-stop access to U. S. Government avian and pandemic flu information, please visit and

How the Flu Travels & to Protect Yourself

Water Hydration Stations & Refuge Locations/Collection & Donation Locations

In the summer heat it is more important than ever to keep hydrated, therefore Maricopa County has established water hydration stations throughout the County where people can go to for water, refuge or both. The map also provides refuge locations should an emergency occur and you need to seek shelter. Additionally, there are collections and donations sites that are collecting bottled water and other donations such as clothing, unopened sun block, and food items for those who are in need.

West Nile Virus

For information concerning West Nile Virus in Maricopa County, please visit the Department of Public Health website. The site includes information on the virus and allows you to report stagnant water, green pools, mosquitoes, and dead birds. In the last year, the agency automated their surveillance and fogging activity with a GIS system that is available Online. To view trap locations, trap results, fogging activity and more, check and choose "Mosquito Activity in your neighborhood" on the right hand side.

West Nile Virus Hotline: 602-506-0700

There is also a new procedure in place for dealing with abandoned houses that appears to be helping. Before reporting a green pool, look for a bright posting on the fence or door that indicates if Vector Control has been to a property and treated the pool with Gambusia fish to address the mosquito breeding.


Last Updated: 6/29/2012

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Air Quality
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