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Sign Project Helps Older Drivers See Better

As just about anyone over 40 can attest, our eyesight begins to diminish as we age. This unfortunate fact of life can cause safety concerns for older drivers as they try to read street and directional signs. But a clearer future may be in store, thanks to a project being funded by the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG).

New street signs

The MAG Safety and Elderly Mobility Sign Project allocates funds to cities and towns to provide larger and easier to read street and directional signs using the Clearview font, which specifically addresses four issues:

·          Accommodates the needs of older drivers

·          Improves word pattern recognition by using mixed case words

Sign installations will continue through April.

·          Improves the speed and accuracy of destination recognition

·          Controls or minimizes the “halo effect” around letters and sign legends



Last Updated: 4/8/2008

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