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Your Green Recycling Container

Recyclables Should Be Clean, Dry and Empty

All materials placed in your green recycling container should be relatively clean (rinsed), dry (empty all liquid from bottles and cans) and empty of all packing materials.

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Reusable clothes, toys, appliances and furniture can be taken to:

Green recycling container

Goodwill Industries

211 N. Litchfield Rd.

Goodyear, AZ


Hope's Closet

415 N. Litchfield Rd.

Goodyear, AZ


Packing peanuts and popcorn can be taken to the following locations:

First Class Business Services

15557 W. Roosevelt St., Suite 105

Goodyear, AZ


The UPS Store

500 N. Estrella Parkway, #B4

Goodyear ,AZ


Inspection of Recycling Container Contents

Recycling centers can tell us which loads were contaminated with regular trash, so the City recycling inspectors will know in which neighborhoods to conduct inspections for excessive recycling contamination. Additionally, City inspectors will make periodic checks of recycling contents throughout the community. Residents with recycling contents contaminated with garbage will be issued a notice. Three notices will result in your recycling container being taken away, and you will be required to pay $6.26 per month over and above the regular monthly fee.

Rinse items prior to placing in recycling container

What to Recycle

  • Paper - including all office paper, copy paper, computer paper, envelopes, junk mail, newspaper, advertising inserts, magazines, catalogs, Post-It notes, NCR forms, telephone books, brown paper bags
  • Glass - beverage and food bottles and jars (rinse lightly)
  • PET or #1 Plastics - water and soda bottles (rinse lightly)
  • HDPE or #2 Plastics - milk and water jugs (rinse lightly)
  • PVC or #3 Plastics - packaging, pipe, blister packs
  • LDPE or #4 Plastics - container lids, squeeze bottles, cups (rinse lightly)
  • PP or #5 Plastics - food containers & bottles, bottle caps (rinse lightly)
  • PS or #6 Plastics - food service cups, plates, trays, clamshells, CD cases (rinse lightly)
  • Other or #7 Plastics - some water or juice bottles (please check, rinse lightly)
  • Aluminum - beverage cans (rinse lightly)
  • Steel/Tin - food cans (rinse lightly)
  • Cardboard - boxes must be empty of all packing material and broken down
  • Carton - milk, juice, creamer (rinse lightly)
  • Chipboard - office supply boxes, cereal boxes

What NXT to Recycle

X  Construction Waste - rocks, sand, dirt, blocks, bricks, concrete, drywall

X  Hazardous Waste - paint, thinners, gas, oil, car batteries, tires

X  Tree Limbs - palm fronds and tree limbs may be placed out for bulk trash collection

X  Packing Material - packing popcorn, Styrofoam, wood

X  Electronics - computers (Year Round E-Waste Drop-off Site)

X  Plastic Bags - grocery bags (do not place recyclables in plastic bags)

X  Other Aluminum - aluminum siding, sheets of aluminum foil

X  Paper Products - hard-bound books, tissues, napkins, paper towels, plates, foil wrapping, waxed food and detergent boxes, waxed paper, waxed cartons, shredded paper

X  Windows, Mirrors

CRTV's and CRT Monitors will no longer be accepted at the e-waste drop off site. Working CRT TV's and CRT monitors can be taken to Goodwill Industries located at 211 N. Litchfield Rd 623-932-1990 or Hopes Closet located at 415 N. Litchfield Rd 623-925-0965 for donation, non working TV's and Monitors can be placed out for bulk collection. Flat screen TV's and computer monitors working or not will continue to be accepted at the e-waste drop off site.


Last Updated: 07/31/2013

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