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1. How can I get a job with the Police Department?
2. How do I get involved with community programs?
3. What is the crime rate in Goodyear?
4. I received a ticket for speeding, but when I looked at my speedometer the speed was slower than the officer said I was going.
5. I was stopped for speeding, but the officer did not let me see the RADAR…Why?
6. I saw a trailer that displayed speed recently, is that photo RADAR?
7. I got a ticket recently, what do I have to do now?
8. I saw a vehicle with no markings indicating that it was a police vehicle. Do I have to stop if this vehicle attempts to pull me over?
9. I had an accident in a parking lot, but the officer said he could not give the other driver who hit my car a ticket…why?
10. Does this mean that I cannot be arrested for a DUI or reckless driving on private property?
11. My child is 4 years old, but weighs 43 pounds, does this mean he/she does not need a child restraint?
12. My child is under the age of 16. Does he/she need to wear a seatbelt if sitting in the rear of the vehicle?
13. Did I install my child's safety seat properly?
14. Who should I contact to report stray animals?
15. Does Goodyear offer vacation watch for my home?
16. Does Goodyear offer fingerprint services?
17. How do I dispose of surplus or expired prescription drugs?

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