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1. My insurance company needs to know the distance from my house to the closest fire station. How do I get this information?
2. What is the ISO rating for my home?
3. What is the distance from my house to the nearest fire hydrant?
4. What is the phone number to the fire station closest to my house?
5. My smoke alarm is beeping. What does that mean?
6. I locked my keys in the car. Can I have the Fire Department come and unlock my vehicle?
7. How do I schedule a fire inspection?
8. How do I get my fire protection plans reviewed?
9. How do I get rid of bees swarming in my yard?
10. How do I obtain an application for a Knox Box?
11. Who can replace the keys to the Knox Box?
12. Where do I get fire safety signs made?
13. Will you help me install my car seat?
14. Does the Fire Department offer CPR/First Aid classes?
15. How do I get a copy of a fire or EMS report?
16. How do I obtain an Environmental Report?
17. What are the requirements to becoming a Goodyear Firefighter?
18. How do I apply to be a Goodyear Firefighter?
19. How do I schedule a ride-along with a fire company?
20. How do I schedule a fire station/apparatus tour?
21. How do I obtain a Goodyear Fire Department Patch?
22. Where can I get immunization shots for my child?
23. How do I get my oxygen/air tanks filled?
24. How do I dispose of needles/syringes?
25. How do I obtain biomedical bags?
26. How do I clean up fire/smoke damage?
27. Can you recommend a water damage cleanup company?
28. Does the fire department fill or empty pools?
29. How do I refill or check my fire extinguisher?
30. Do you give fire extinguisher training?
31. I have a child who plays with fire. What can I do?
32. Do you collect toys for children?
33. Who do I contact if the Fire Lane is blocked?
34. How do I dispose of Hazardous Materials?
35. Can you help get my cat out of the tree?
36. What do the blue reflectors in the roadway mean?

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