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Response Readiness Training Program

The purpose of the Response Readiness Training Program is to provide high-quality consistent training that provides all emergency response personnel with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform common tasks associated with emergency incidents safely, proficiently, and effectively. This is accomplished through regularly scheduled training sessions that are constantly evaluated to ensure that the training is applicable, reliable, and valuable to meet the needs of the Operations Section. There are several components to the training program.

Annual Required Training

The objective of this training is to comply with all federal, state, and departmental mandates and consists of drivers training, confined space entry, fit testing for respiratory protection, hazardous materials operations level refresher training, and infection control.

Firefighters staying fit

Company Training

The objective of company training is to provide personnel the opportunity to improve their knowledge and practical skills in areas including, but not limited to, Driver Operator, Emergency Medical Response, Firefighting, Hazardous Materials, Minimum Company Standards, and Special Operations.

Fire Training

Minimum Company Standards (MCS) Training

The objective of MCS training is to provide all personnel with the skills to perform fireground tasks and function effectively as part of an engine or ladder company in a systematic, uniform, and safe manner.

Company Officer Training

The objective of company officer training is to provide all company officers with continuing education in the areas of leadership, fireground command, tactics and strategy, and problem solving.

Haz Mat Training

Company Officer Development Training

The objective of company officer development training is to provide firefighters and engineers who desire promotion to the rank of Captain with the training and education essential to being a Goodyear Fire Department Company Officer.

Integrity, Unity, Excellence


Last Updated: 4/7/2009

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