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Why does my drinking water sometimes taste like chlorine?
Chlorine is added to potable water supplies to ensure that the water delivered to our customers is safe from bacterial contamination. Although bacterial contamination in deep wells is nearly nonexistent, water regulations, effective as of 1991, requires that all domestic water systems be disinfected. Chlorine is the most popular disinfectant used in the United States. One technique customers close to a chlorination point may use to get rid of the taste is to let the water stand 20 minutes before drinking. This will allow excess chlorine to vaporize away, nearly eliminating the chlorine taste of the water. Another technique to help the chlorine taste disappear is to chill tap water in a pitcher or bottle in the refrigerator.

Chlorine taste complaints may be reported to the Public Works Department at 623-932-3010, where they will be routed to the appropriate area to be investigated.

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