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Sometimes the water from my faucet is very cloudy. Is this harmful?
Cloudy or milky water is a very common complaint and a difficult one to explain. It is even harder to resolve. There is no real health concern with drinking cloudy or milky water. The cloudiness is usually caused by air bubbles. To make it a little clearer: just like a bottle of soda pop – upon opening the bottle, bubbles start forming. This is because the pressure in the bottle is higher than the atmospheric pressure. The same thing occurs when we pump water from an excess of 40 feet underground. Because the pressure is much higher underground than it is on the surface, groundwater air bubbles are formed when the atmospheric pressure is met. Since our water system is pressurized, this phenomenon usually occurs at the tap, resulting in cloudy water and/or ice cubes.

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5. Sometimes the water from my faucet is very cloudy. Is this harmful?
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