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What is hard water?
When water is referred to as "hard," this means that it contains more minerals than "soft" water, especially the minerals calcium and magnesium. These minerals are present in the rock surrounding the aquifer and become naturally absorbed by the water. Magnesium and calcium are positively charged ions. In their presence, other positively charged ions, such as soap and detergent, do not dissolve as easily.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) establishes standards for drinking water which fall into two categories: Primary Standards and Secondary Standards. Primary Standards are based on health considerations, and Secondary Standards are based on aesthetics such as taste, odor, color, and corrosivity. There is no Primary or Secondary standard for water hardness. Water softeners are used to help eliminate or reduce hardness, but are limited in what they can do.Additional information about water hardness

Water Services

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1. Where do I turn on my utilities?
2. When does my water meter get read and how?
3. Why is the water hot?
4. Where does my water come from?
5. Sometimes the water from my faucet is very cloudy. Is this harmful?
6. Why does my drinking water sometimes taste like chlorine?
7. Why is my water sometimes a different color?
8. What is hard water?
9. What is water softening?
10. Is it a good idea to periodically check my water softener?
11. Does the amount of hardness in the water system vary throughout the City?
12. When should I flush my hot water heater?
13. How do I flush my hot water heater?
14. How can I legally drain or backwash my swimming pool?
15. What are the Utility Service Providers in the Goodyear area?
16. How do I dispose of surplus or expired prescription drugs?
17. What is water waste?

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