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Abandoned Shopping Carts (Private Company)
Arizona Cart Retrieval (ACR) Company works with most major stores. If you find a cart in your area, please call 1-800-THE-CART (1-800-843-2278) Leave a detailed message with the exact location of the cart (including MAJOR cross streets)and the name of the store the cart belongs to. Please allow 2-4 days for retrieval.

Not all stores have chosen to have their carts obtained by ACR. If you find a cart from one of the stores below, please contact the store to have their cart retrieved.

Anna's Linens 623-536-9755
Best Buy 623-536-1183
Ross 623-535-7242
JoAnn Fabrics 623-536-7706
Toys-R-Us 623-935-5902
Home Depot 623-925-2896
Michael's 623-536-3158
99 Cent 623-882-3399
Target 623-935-3510
Lowe's 623-935-9157More...

Code Violations

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1. Abandoned Shopping Carts (Private Company)
2. Abandoned Vehicle (Police)
3. Animal Droppings (Code Compliance):
4. Backwashing of Swimming Pools (Code Compliance):
5. Barking Dogs (Police):
6. Construction Noise (Police):
7. Curfew Hours for Minors (Police):
8. Dust or Air Quality (County)
9. Excessive and Disturbing Noise (Police):
10. Fireplaces (County):
11. Garage Sales (Code Compliance)
12. Graffiti (Code Compliance)
13. Grass and Weed Height (Code Compliance):
14. Horses and Farm Animals (Development Services):
15. Illegal Signs (Code Compliance):
16. Infestation of Mosquitoes or Flies (County):
17. Loose animals (County)
18. Parking of Vehicles (Code Compliance):
19. Property Maintenance (Code Compliance):
20. Recreational Vehicles (Code Compliance):
21. Residential Rental Property Ordinance (Code Compliance):
22. Stagnant Pool (County)

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