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Garage Sales (Code Compliance)
You do not need a permit to have a garage sale, but there are a few items to know about having a garage sale in Goodyear.

Garage sale signs must be on a self supporting stake (wood, metal, etc.) - the sign cannot be taped, nailed, etc. to any pole or traffic device.
The garage sale sign cannot be in any city right of way, such as a median or the area between the curb and sidewalk.
The garage sale sign cannot be taped or written on a box as this is considered trash.
You may have up to four (4) garage sales per year.

Code Violations

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1. Abandoned Shopping Carts (Private Company)
2. Abandoned Vehicle (Police)
3. Animal Droppings (Code Compliance):
4. Backwashing of Swimming Pools (Code Compliance):
5. Barking Dogs (Police):
6. Construction Noise (Police):
7. Curfew Hours for Minors (Police):
8. Dust or Air Quality (County)
9. Excessive and Disturbing Noise (Police):
10. Fireplaces (County):
11. Garage Sales (Code Compliance)
12. Graffiti (Code Compliance)
13. Grass and Weed Height (Code Compliance):
14. Horses and Farm Animals (Development Services):
15. Illegal Signs (Code Compliance):
16. Infestation of Mosquitoes or Flies (County):
17. Loose animals (County)
18. Parking of Vehicles (Code Compliance):
19. Property Maintenance (Code Compliance):
20. Recreational Vehicles (Code Compliance):
21. Residential Rental Property Ordinance (Code Compliance):
22. Stagnant Pool (County)

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