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Graffiti (Code Compliance)
To report graffiti, please contact Code Compliance at 623-882-7815. Various entities (county, state, private, etc.) often times are responsible for removing the graffiti located on their property. The Code Compliance Department will contact the responsible party for the clean up.

If you see graffiti in progress, please contact the Police at 623-932-1220. All cases of graffiti should be reported to the police. This report may be taken over the phone or an officer may be sent to the location.

If you believe you know the identity or have information leading to the arrest of a known graffiti vandal, call the Graffiti Hotline at 602-262-7327. You do not have to give your name or other identification and you could receive a reward of up to $250.
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Code Violations

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1. Abandoned Shopping Carts (Private Company)
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6. Construction Noise (Police):
7. Curfew Hours for Minors (Police):
8. Dust or Air Quality (County)
9. Excessive and Disturbing Noise (Police):
10. Fireplaces (County):
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12. Graffiti (Code Compliance)
13. Grass and Weed Height (Code Compliance):
14. Horses and Farm Animals (Development Services):
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16. Infestation of Mosquitoes or Flies (County):
17. Loose animals (County)
18. Parking of Vehicles (Code Compliance):
19. Property Maintenance (Code Compliance):
20. Recreational Vehicles (Code Compliance):
21. Residential Rental Property Ordinance (Code Compliance):
22. Stagnant Pool (County)

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