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What are the advantages of using the C2G program?
Using C2G saves you time, money and postage by not having to write and mail a check. It’s a convenient, hassle-free payment option. All you have to do is complete the enrollment process online. You can also:

• View a summary of your bill and pay the amount due directly from your credit or debit card at your convenience.

• Change your email contact and/or credit/debit card payment information at any time.

• View account information such as your account status, balance due, date of your last bill, and date and amount of your last payment.

• View consumption histories.

• Change your PIN.

• Change the email address listed for your account.

• Change your email notification preferences.

Online Utility Billing System

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1. How do I contact Customer Service with questions or problems with my C2G account?
2. Is paying my bill online safe?
3. What are the advantages of using the C2G program?
4. Who can enroll in the C2G online program?
5. What if my account is delinquent?
6. Can I change the billing address listed on my account online?
7. How do I sign up for the C2G program?
8. Will I continue to receive a paper copy of my bill?
9. What are the requirements to enroll in the C2G program?
10. How do I verify the resolution settings on my monitor?
11. How do I verify the “cookies” settings on my PC?
12. What should I do if I get “stuck” during the enrollment process and cannot continue?
13. What if I forget my PIN?
14. Can I view my bill online if I already pay with Automated Bill Payment?
15. Is there a charge for using the C2G online program?
16. Can I use C2G to view and pay other bills I receive?
17. What are the payment options when using the C2G online program?
18. Can I pay my bill with a credit or debit card at the APS counter in the City Hall lobby?
19. How long will it take to deduct the money from my chosen payment option?
20. Will there be a charge if my debit card transaction is returned?
21. Can I pay only a portion of my bill?
22. How can I “save” my card information online so I don’t have to enter it again every time I make a payment?
23. What if my credit or debit card information changes?

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