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October 30, 2013

Contact: Mike Sakal, Public Information Officer            
Office:  623-882-7053;

Goodyear Fire Department receives $51,880 grant from Gila River Indian
Community for electronic tablets that quicker transmit patient information


The Goodyear Fire Department soon will be able to provide information about patients to hospitals during emergency situations ahead of the ambulance arriving there.

The City of Goodyear announced on Monday that it was awarded a grant for $51,880.20 from the Gila River Indian Community that will allow the Fire Department to purchase electronic tablets to provide electronic patient care reporting (EPCR).  The city is expected to have the technology in place by early next year.

The electronic method, which will allow information to be entered through a touch screen and immediately transmit information to the hospital, will replace the paper reports that the city’s EMTs and paramedics currently use at the scene of an emergency call, saving minutes of time that are critical in life-saving emergencies.

“This technology is a significant improvement to our quality of care, and saving seconds or even minutes can help save lives,” Goodyear Fire Chief Paul Luizzi said. “All of the information that used to be written by hand on a chart is entered by touch screen or stylus into a tough tablet that immediately transmits the information to the receiving hospital before the ambulance arrives with the patient.”

“We received letters of support for the application from Joan Simon at West Valley Hospital and Avondale Deputy Fire Chief Ronald Deadman, so we thank them for their support,” Luizzi added.

Fire Departments already using EPCR are capturing as much as 25 minutes per call of employee time, getting crews back on the road faster.

The City of Goodyear’s ITS team assisted with the development of the grant application.

Goodyear Fire Captain Mario Santos and Deputy Chief Russ Braden also provided valuable input on the grant application, which was part of the Gila River State Shared Gaming Revenues grants program that benefits programs .

“Most of all, we thank the Gila River Indian Community for selecting Goodyear for this award,” Luizzi said.

This is the first time the City has received a direct award from the Gila's. Previously, the Gila River Indian Community funded a request from the New Life Center which was facilitated by the City.


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