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City of Goodyear, Arizona

Communications Office


For Immediate Release: Feb. 10, 2012

Goodyear Implements Changes/ Eliminates Fees to Reduce False Alarm Calls

GOODYEAR, ARIZ. (Feb. 17, 2012) Goodyear homeowners and business owners who use alarm systems will now receive two calls rather than one from their monitoring service to verify that an alarm is real and not false before the police are summoned. This two-call procedure is a key change to Goodyear's revised alarm ordinance that takes effect March 13, 2012 and is estimated to only increase response time by approximately 30 seconds. The new procedure is expected to reduce false alarm calls by as much as 60 percent.

The new ordinance passed by City Council on February 13, 2012 also financially benefits homeowner and business alarm users because they will no longer have to pay an initial alarm permit fee nor annual permit renewal fees. It also eliminates false alarm fees, except in the case of persons and businesses with repeated false alarms and other violations.

Using this Enhanced Call Verification (ECV) in lieu of permit fees and false alarm fines - which was the focus of the prior ordinance adopted in 1997 - is expected to reduce the number of Goodyear's false alarm calls that has grown continuously over the years to be 99.7 percent of all alarm calls.

National studies show that the imposition of fines has little to no effect on the reduction of false alarm calls for service. On the other hand, studies show that ECV, when properly implemented, has the potential for lowering the quantity of false alarm calls for service by up to 60 percent. ECV only applies to general burglary alarm calls and does not apply to panic or hold-up alarms.

The Goodyear Police Department will continue to respond to all alarm calls received from monitoring services for residents and businesses, but that number is expected to be greatly reduced, freeing up police officers' time for other priority calls. Besides a cost benefit to alarm users, there is also cost savings to the city with the permanent elimination of the Alarm Coordinator position and its associated administrative costs.

ECV was recommended and is endorsed by the Arizona Alarm Association. The Association of Police Communications Officials is considering ECV as a standard for law enforcement communication centers.


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