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June 2012 – Gary Gelzer, Councilmember

The phone rings either late at night or early in the morning. On the line you hear “Hi Grandma”  and you respond with “Ethan, is that you?” Before you continue talking, think for a bit; has your grandson ever called you like this? This could be the beginning of a scam that may cost you some serious money!

So what will they say to you after you answer? Here are some examples: “I’m in Canada and I am trying to get home and my car broke down and I need money right away to get it fixed.” Or they could claim they have been mugged, been in a car accident, or need money for bail or to pay customs fees to get back into the United States. No matter the story, they always want you to send money right away. The other part of the scam is the request to “Please do not tell my parents, I was not supposed to be away.” PLEASE DO NOT SEND MONEY! It will just vanish!

Councilmember Gary Gelzer
Gary Gelzer

Why do I want you to know this? – because friends of mine here in Goodyear recently sent $3,000 to Canada to bail out their grandson, while he was in school in Colorado. In Goodyear, we have lots of awesome grandparents and thus we are prime candidates for the Grandparent’s Scam. Just take some time to call back to confirm the tale.

How do the scammers know about you, your kids and your grandchildren? Consider social media, the internet, or any other way people can learn about you! Just stop and think before you wire any money to a foreign country, it will save you some dough and you will not have to regret being foolish.

Gary Gelzer


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