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October 2009 - Joanne Osborne, Councilmember


Since joining the Council two years ago, and as a wife and mother of four, I've been a strong advocate for families and youth. That advocacy and the leadership of your Mayor and Council resulted in the adoption of the National League of Cities? resolution supporting a City platform to strengthen families and youth. It provides a framework for creating good policies and programs for families that will make our City a stronger and more vibrant community. It is from this framework that we proudly support Goodyear in ACTION Day on September 26.

I encourage you, your family and friends to participate in this day that highlights health and fitness. Spend the day enjoying local parks while strengthening your health and family ties. Take time to develop a healthy family lifestyle plan that emphasizes eating right and staying active. You'll feel better and see your family grow stronger.

Councilmember Joanne Osborne
Joanne Osborne

Our family looks for activities that are fun for everyone in the family. We try to get everyone involved in something enjoyable and then keep each other motivated. Personally, I enjoy power-walking and marathons, and pair my goal with a set training schedule to stay motivated. Our large family plays its share of team sports like football, softball, track and tennis, but the individualists in your family might prefer biking, walking, swimming or skiing. Be creative and build in-house obstacle courses with cushions and chairs. Have tickle fights. Host a Fear Factor-style party. Make it fun.

Doing things together and seeing the results can have a positive impact on the lives of every member of your family. Your children will see the value of family fun and healthy lifestyle. To learn about events you can participate in on Goodyear in ACTION Day, visit

Joanne Osborn


Last Updated: 9/21/2009

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