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For Immediate Release:


 Wednesday, March 29, 2006



Unprecedented Action

Four Southwest Valley City Councils Jointly Meet

To Adopt Resolution to Accelerate I-10 Widening


WHAT:             In an action that is unprecedented in the Valley, four cities in the Southwest Valley will have one joint Council Meeting to:

·         consider adopting a resolution to gain the support of Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) for the acceleration for the I-10 West widening project from construction start date of 2011 to a start date of 2007. This resolution will:

o        accompany the cities’ application for the inclusion of the I-10 acceleration in the

       2007 MAG 5-year Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) 

o        demonstrate the four cities’ unified support of this project  


WHO:              Cities of Avondale, Goodyear and Litchfield Park, and Town of Buckeye


WHEN:             Tuesday, April 4, 2006 at 7 p.m.


WHERE:           Estrella Mountain Community College, 3000 N. Dysart Rd.           

                        Estrella Hall - Community Room – second floor


MORE INFO:     Resolution calls for cities to enter into a regional   agreement declaring policies and financial support for accelerating the widening of Interstate 10.                                    The Resolution declares a financial commitment from each jurisdiction, intent to apply for HELP loans and for other financial assistance, including from                         the federal level, to accelerate improvements to I-10, and declares Goodyear as fiscal agent to the project. Each city’s proposed share of the project                                     based on lane miles per segment will be discussed at the meeting. Final funding approval will be authorized as part of a future IGA to be approved by each              participating City Council at a later date.             


MEDIA              Paula A. Ilardo, Goodyear Communications Manager

CONTACTS:                          Direct – 623-882-7820    Cell 623-693-0006

                  Pier Simeri, Avondale Communications Director

     Direct – 623-478-3001    Cell 623-764-1658

                  Bob Bushner, Buckeye Public Information Officer

     Direct – 623- 386-4691    Cell 623-695-3175

                  Darryl Crossman, Litchfield Park City Manager

     Direct – 623-935-5003




A. Background on Plan for Acceleration of I-10 Widening


B. Growth statistics for each city







Attachment A

Background on Project to Accelerate I-10 Widening


Interstate 10 is the southernmost east-west, coast-to-coast interstate highway in the United States. It stretches from California State Route 1 in Santa Monica, California to Interstate 95 in Jacksonville, Florida. Of the 2,460 miles that exist in the country, 392 miles are within the state of Arizona.  As a vital corridor for moving goods cross country, the highway serves a critical role in the economic vitality of the greater Phoenix area, the state, and the nation.  Tremendous congestion and significant accident and fatality rates demand that action be taken to widen the highway.  In Goodyear, the fatality rate on I-10 is 10 times that of the national average and one of the highest in the country.  In 2004, there were more fatalities on I-10 in the Phoenix metro area than on I-17, U.S. 60 and SR 51 combined.


The leaders of the Southwest Valley communities are working with the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) to advance the widening of I-10 in the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) from a construction start of 2011 – 2014 to a start date of 2007.  The plans to accelerate include adding one HOV lane and one general purpose lane each direction from Loop 101 to Dysart Rd., and adding two general purpose lanes and one HOV lane each direction from Dysart Rd. to Sarival Lane.  Further, the plan includes a realignment of I-10 between Sarival and Citrus.  Additionally, it includes one new general purpose lane each direction from Cotton west to State Route 85. 


Per Maricopa Association of Governments’ (MAG) Acceleration Policy, a local jurisdiction may accelerate an RTP transportation project within the five-year Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) if the municipality will pay the annual interest costs associated with the project until the scheduled funding by Prop 400. No existing project may be negatively impacted by this acceleration.  The new 2007-2011 TIP is being drafted now. 


The project extends from Loop 101 in Avondale through Goodyear to SR85 in Buckeye.  Depending on the acceleration options ultimately agreed upon, the total project could cost up to $333 million with associated interest costs of up to $65.928 million.  These figures represent the most current information (February 2006) available from MAG.  Highway Expansion and Extension Loan Program (HELP), Grant Anticipated Notes (GAN) and federal funds have been identified as potential options to fund the construction costs. 


To cover the interest costs, the four Southwest Valley cities of Goodyear, Avondale, Litchfield Park, and Buckeye have worked closely on financial mechanisms which includes local funds.  The jurisdictions will continue asking for financial assistance from all levels of government – county, state, and federal, in addition to the local funds.







Attachment B

Growth Statistics for Goodyear, Avondale, Buckeye and Litchfield Park



City of Goodyear Growth Statistics

  As of Jan. 12, 2006


Ø      Official July 1, 2005 Population – 41,240 (per MAG) = 118.1% growth overall since 2000 and 16.01% annually for past 5 years   

     (Population = 18, 911 at 2000 Census)


Ø      By 2013, expected to grow to 97,200 population (Source: General Plan)


Ø      At build-out (about 2050), Goodyear’s population will be 390,000 people and will be the sixth most populated city in the Valley


Ø      The City’s planning area covers 135 square miles of which 117 square miles are incorporated into the City limits

o         (5th largest city in state in terms of incorporated land area)


Ø      Only 15% of the total incorporated 117 square-mile area is currently developed


Ø      City is 22 miles long and 7 miles wide

o        Goes from Camelback on the north to Patterson Rd. on the south with the mid-point being Elliot Rd.

o        Goes from Dysart Rd (131st Ave) on the east to Perryville Rd. ( 167th Ave) on the west


Ø      Key masterplanned communities are:

o        Palm Valley and PebbleCreek north of I-10 covering about 7,000 acres

o        King Ranch (2000 acres) and Estrella Mountain Ranch which covers 18,500 acres and was recently purchased by Newland Communities from SunChase MP in one of the biggest purchases in the state - $250 million


Ø      Future Development near I-10 corridor:

o        Westcor is developing 1.3 million square foot regional mall at I-10 and Bullard Ave. to open in late 2008

o        One million square feet of power center going in along I-10 next to Westcor mall – Phase I to open in 2007

o        Over 725,000 sq. ft. of office/retail going in at edge of Westcor Mall including 166,000 sq. ft. Lifetime Fitness Center  - open 2007

o        Goodyear is currently designing a 200-acre downtown that it will develop from scratch next to a 100-acre metropolitan park.

o        Office space going up in I-10 area includes 115,000 square feet of Class A office and 168,000 square feet of commercial/medical

o        Goodyear is developing a 4,000-acre employment park adjacent to I-10and anchored by the Phoenix-Goodyear Airport (as a size comparison - Scottsdale Airpark is 2,000 acres) in its central core area.

§         360,000 square feet of spec industrial – first phases available Spring 2006



Ø      Goodyear Demographics for 2005:

o        Source: ABC Demographics (Oct. 2005)

§         Current estimated population = 44,000

§         Current estimated households = 16,032

§         25% of households have annual incomes higher than $100,000

§         Average Income = $78,498

§         Median Income = $65,513

§         Median Age = 35.82

o        Source: Regis (October 2005)

§         Estimated Annual Median Household Disposable Income = $55,128

o        Source: City of Goodyear Annual Survey (October 2004)

§         Households headed by college-educated person = 80%

§         Household headed by college graduate = 56%


Ø      Commuting statistics Source: City of Goodyear Annual Survey (October 2004)

o        67% of Goodyear households have a household head who works

§         24% of Goodyear working households have at least one head of household employed in Goodyear

§         So, 76% of all Goodyear working households have no head of household employed in Goodyear

o        80% of household heads commute more than 20 miles round trip per day

o        50% of household heads commute more than 40 miles round trip per day




City of Avondale Growth Statistics

  As of January 12, 2006


Ø      Estimated 2005 Population – 63,100 (per Claritas) = 76% growth overall since 2000   

     (Population = 35,784 at 2000 Census)


Ø      By 2010, expected to grow to 87,000 population (Source: Claritas)


Ø      At build-out (about 2025), Avondale’s estimated population will be 160,000 people


Ø      The City’s planning area covers 55 square miles


Ø      City is 6 miles long and 9 miles wide

o        Goes from Indian School Road on the north to south of the Estrella Mountains

o        Goes from 99th Avenue on the east to Dysart/Litchfield Road (131st Ave/140th Ave) on the west


Ø      Key master-planned communities are:

o        Roosevelt Park Phase I & II, south of I-10, covering 221 acres

o        Coldwater Springs, south of I-10, covering 532 acres

o        Crystal Gardens I & II, north of I-10, covering 232 acres

o        Garden Lakes, north of I-10, covering 700 acres

o        Rancho Santa Fe I & II, north of I-10, covering 545 acres




Ø      Existing & Future Development near I-10 corridor:

o        Avondale Auto Mall located at I-10 and 99th/107th Avenue spans a mile with over 150 acres and is home to 15 new car dealerships.

o        Avondale Civic Center 60-acre site contains a 105,000 square foot City Center.

§         8-acres designated for private-sector office, which includes PIR’s corporate headquarters.

§         Maricopa County anticipated to build a 100,000 square foot facility in 2007.

o        Avondale Gateway – located at the southeast corner of Avondale Boulevard and I-10. Features three 2-story 50,000 square foot and one 2-story 45,000 square foot office buildings, and four flex/industrial buildings.

o        Avondale Integrated Medical Services three phases of 60,000 square feet Class A Medical Office Space. First phase is scheduled for completion in early 2006.

o        Gateway Crossing is a 247,568 square foot shopping destination being developed on the southwest corner of 99th Avenue and McDowell, first phase to be complete in 2007.

o        Gateway Pavilions 700,000 square foot retail power center located at the juncture of I-10 and the Loop 101.

o        Hilton Hotels 160,000 square feet Hilton Garden Inn and Hilton Homewood Suites on the 8-acres of land at the southeast corner of Avondale Boulevard and I-10.

o        Parkland Development – 43-acre mixed-use site, including hotels, restaurants, flex space and office.

o        Shops at Avondale - 33-acre mixed-use office and hotels. Occupancy expected in 2007.

o        RDB Business Park located at El-Mirage and I-10, 100+ acre business/industrial parks. Occupancy expected in 2007.


Ø      Avondale Demographics for 2005:

o        Source: Claritas & Arizona Real Estate Center at W.P. Carey School of Business, ASU (December, 2005)

§         Current estimated population = 63,100

§         Current estimated households = 18,690

§         Average Home Prices = $265,000

§         Average Income = $68,336

§         Median Income = $58,808

§         Median Age = 29.19





as of Jan. 12, 2006


Ø      2005 Population – estimated at 35,000 (Source: Town of Buckeye)

o        Population has doubled in past year from 17,500.

o        The 2000 census had Buckeye’s population at 6,537. 


Ø      Projections call for Buckeye to to 100,000 by 2010

o         265,000 in 2020

o        2025 to more than 345,000 residents.


Ø      Buckeye has a 600-plus square mile planning area – more than 260 of those square miles are incorporated.


Ø      Throughout Buckeye’s incorporated area, some 340,000 entitlements, or potential single-family homes, have been approved.

o        In just six of the master planned communities already approved:

§         more than a quarter-million dwelling units are planned

§         71 elementary schools, 13 high schools

§         more than 4,500 acres of commercial, retail and employment development. 


Ø        In 2005, Buckeye issued close to 7,000 building permits, with three-quarters of those permits for single-family homes.

o        Town anticipates issuing about 800 single-family building permits each month during 2006.

o        In comparison, Buckeye planners issued only 77 single-family building permits during the entire year of 2000.


Ø      Future Development near I-10:

o        One of the state’s largest resorts is being planned on 56 acres in the Verrado community in Buckeye. 

§         Intrawest Corp., a Canadian resort developer, plans to build 800 to 900 residential town homes, golf villas and condo-hotel units that will make the resort second in size only to the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa. 

§         The resort will include 40 to 60 shops, boutiques and restaurants in 40,000 square feet of commercial and retail development.

o        Major retail center at Interstate 10 and Watson Road

o        Retail power center at I-10 and Verrado Way.

o        Buckeye’s first office park - groundbreaking is scheduled for the first quarter of 2006


Ø      Future Higher Education Developments:

o        Community College campus – Maricopa Community College District announced a proposed site for a future Buckeye campus at Southern Avenue and Turner Road

o        ASU  - Town officials have started collaborating with Arizona State University on two initiatives – the feasibility of a future ASU campus in Buckeye and the formulation of an economic strategic plan with ASU’s Global Institute for Sustainability.




City of Litchfield Park Growth Statistics

As of Jan. 12, 2006


Ø      Current population – 4,350 – 14% greater than 2000 Census population of 3,810


Ø      Build-out Population is expected to grow another 26% to 5,500 in 3 to 5 years.


Ø      Incorporated City limits are 3.5 square miles.



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