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For Immediate Release:

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Curbside Recycling Coming to Goodyear;

City Changing to Automated Sanitation Service



(GOODYEAR, AZ) A new era in sanitation service is coming to Goodyear! It will be phased in over a six-week period from mid-September through the end of October.  At the June 19th Council meeting, Goodyear’s City Council approved a new contract with Eagle Hauling which is subcontracting to Waste Management, Inc. to provide automated curbside garbage and recycling pickup services at the rate of $14.04 per month per residential account.  With this new contract, Goodyear goes from manual to automated garbage collection and is adding automated recycling pickup.  The only service that will remain the same is Goodyear’s popular weekly uncontained bulk material pickup. Goodyear is one of only two Valley cities offering bulk service on a weekly basis.


An exception to the city’s curbside service is homes with alleys. These homes will continue to receive trash pickup in the alleys, but it will be automated. They will receive automated recycling curbside in front of the house like the rest of the city.


Currently, Goodyear residents receive curbside trash pickup two times a week.  There will still be two curbside pickups a week except that one pickup will be for trash and the other will be for recyclables.  Both pickups will be on the same day so that trash cans will only be out one day in the neighborhood and garbage trucks will only circulate through neighborhoods two days a week (one for trash/ recyclables and another day for bulk pickup) rather than three days a week as do now. 


New containers are required for a household to receive the automated sanitation service. Each residence must have a beige trash container and green recycling container provided by the City.  Goodyear is only one of two Valley cities that offers its residents a choice of container sizes – 95 gallon, 65 gallon or 35 gallon. Residents must choose their two cans by August 15th.


A brochure detailing the program and providing helpful hints on container selection will be mailed to all Goodyear homes by the end of June.  The same information is also available from the website’s homepage at  The City’s preference is that all customers order their containers online ( because it will enter their choices directly into the database.  A pre-paid postage selection card will also be included with the brochure for those who prefer not to order via the internet. 


To obtain new containers, residents must have a paid-up sanitation account. Those who are delinquent or who have not yet signed up for the service by the time cans are delivered will not

receive a can.  A household will not receive sanitation service if the City-provided containers are not used. Goodyear residents can go to to sign up for trash service.


The cost of the new sanitation service is going up 24 percent.  The monthly cost to each resident will be $21.50 and will go into effect with the October 2006 billing.  Eagle Hauling’s bid for the garbage and recycling service was the lowest received, yet was 24% higher than the current rate for garbage collection.  The City’s costs for uncontained pickup are also increasing 24%. Much of the cost increase is based on higher fuel costs and rising resin costs which greatly affected the contractor’s cost for containers.


The current rate has been in place for seven years.  As the population increased and costs went up, the fee no longer covered the cost of the service and the City’s General Fund ( which is meant to cover non-fee based services such as police, fire and public works) subsidized the cost of sanitation collection in increasing amounts every year.  The new rate includes an annual accelerator to help rates keep up with inflation and to make the fund self-sustaining by 2009-2010.  Once the sanitation service is self-sufficient, the funds that have been used to subsidize it will be freed up to provide other city services.


Goodyear is making the recycling program very easy for the residents by using a “commingled” approach.  This means that all the recyclables are put together into the same

container rather than the resident having to presort them into categories such as paper, cans, and plastic as is common in many areas of the country.  Ninety-five percent (95%) of the participants in a year-long recycling pilot program in both PebbleCreek and Rancho Mirage said they found the commingled recycling both “easy and convenient.” At the request of the pilot participants, Goodyear has added glass to its recycling program.


Goodyear residents appear ready for this change in sanitation service. In the City’s 2004 Citizen’s Survey, 83% of its residents said they would participate in curbside recycling if it were provided.  Two-thirds of them had already recycled in cities they lived in before moving to Goodyear.  Additionally, the successful year-long recycling pilot program proved popular with the residents and showed that recycling works -- the average household recycled 25 percent of its waste. Ninety-one percent (91%) of the participants said they wanted the curbside recycling service.


A citizen advisory committee studied the City’s current trash services and its pilot recycle programs for several months, held meetings with hundreds of residents and conducted citizen surveys before recommending the changes to Goodyear’s sanitation services and its rates that Council approved at its recent meeting.


For more information on the new sanitation program, please call the Sanitation Hotline at 623-882-7615.


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