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Public Information Office


For Immediate Release:


Friday, June 30, 2006

Goodyear Urges All Residents to Choose Their

Best Size Sanitation Containers by August 15th



(GOODYEAR, AZ) When Goodyear ushers in its new automated curbside sanitation service residents will be required to use City-provided containers with attached lids. Homeowners need to choose the best size for their trash and recycling by August 15th.  The three sizes of cans, 95-gallon (the size used in most Valley cities), 65-gallon or 35-gallon containers, are on display in the lobby of City Hall at 190 N. Litchfield Rd.  Goodyear is one of only two cities in the Valley that has given its residents a choice of container size.


Residents do not have to choose the same size for both trash and recycling. Those that do not choose a container by August 15th will receive the default size – 95-gallon except for PebbleCreek which is 65-gallon.


”Even if a household is willing to settle for the default size containers, the City of Goodyear hopes that each and every household will select the containers they want on-line or by mail so the City has better data on what sizes to order,” stated Brian Barnes, Superintendent of Sanitation Services.  “If everyone who wants the default size does not put their order in, we really won’t know if that is the reason we haven’t heard from them or if they just haven’t made a selection yet -- which would make ordering our container size mix very difficult.”


In order to determine what size container to select, one needs to take into account family size and lifestyle.  The City has tried to help with that decision by publishing an extensive brochure that should be in homes the week of July 3rd that asks lifestyle questions to help residents determine the best size. It has pictures and dimensions of each size container and explains what can and cannot be recycled to help guide the selection process. All the information contained in the brochure is also available on the website to guide residents in the selection process


Residents have two primary options for selecting their containers. The City’s preferred method of selection is via its website – --because that way the resident is entering the data                                                                                                                           -- more --



Page 2 - Goodyear Urges Residents to Determine Best Size of Trash & Recycle Containers


directly into the City’s database of 17,000 accounts.   The City’s next preferred method is to mail in the postage pre-paid tear-off card attached to the brochure which will require City staff to enter the order into the database.


Calling in the container selection by telephone is the least preferred method because the City does not have enough employees to take that many orders over the phone.  However, if the brochure and the website still leave questions unanswered, residents can call the Sanitation Hotline – 623-882-7615 – and someone will answer the specific questions. Please be patient if calling this number. If you get the voicemail, please leave a message and someone will return your call.


The trash and recycling containers that will be used by Goodyear residents are beige for trash and forest green for recycling.  They have sturdy wheels on the back for easy rolling and attached lids to help prevent odor and to prevent varmints from getting in the trash when it is curbside.  When choosing a container, it should be kept in mind that the City will change from two trash pickups per week to one per week for trash and one per week for recycling.


Dimensions of containers are as follows:

Ø      95-gallon container: (46” high, 29” wide, 34” deep, holds 332 lbs. max. weight), generally for a family of 3 or more depending upon lifestyle

Ø      65-gallon container: (41” high, 27” wide, 28” deep, holds 150 lbs. max. weight),generally for a family of 2 to 3 people depending upon lifestyle

Ø      35-gallon container: (40” high, 21” wide, 23” deep, holds 122 lbs. max. weight), generally for 1 to 2 people depending upon lifestyle


Besides family size, the following lifestyle criteria need to be considered when selecting container size:

Trash/Garbage:  (the more that match, the large the container size needed)

  • Have a lawn that you cut frequently
  • Have a lot of landscaping that needs trimming
  • Have a hobby that creates waste
  • Have diapers to dispose of
  • Have food waste that doesn’t go down garbage disposal
  • Have no garbage disposal
  • Have animals you have to clean up after

                                                      -- more --



Page 3 - Goodyear Urges Residents to Determine Best Size of Trash & Recycle Containers


Recycling:  (the more that match, the large the container size needed)

  • Have a daily subscription to the local newspaper
  • Buy a lot of canned soda and/or beer by the case
  • Have a hobby that creates recyclable waste
  • Have a home business that generates a lot of paper
  • Have several magazine subscriptions
  • Use a lot of canned goods and/or frozen entrees

Remember that holidays, birthdays and other entertaining creates a lot of increased waste – both for garbage and recyclables.


Goodyear will be continuing its bulk materials collection on a weekly basis.  This is primarily for palm fronds and tree limbs and other bulky landscape material that will not fit in the containers as well as for appliances, furniture, toys, televisions and other bulky household items.


For more information on the new sanitation program, please call the Sanitation Hotline at 623-882-7615.


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