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For Immediate Release:

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Governor Addresses Goodyear Citizens at Town Hall at Desert Edge High School


(GOODYEAR, AZ) Governor Janet Napolitano emphasized three key issues of her administration as she addressed citizens of Goodyear at Desert Edge High School today. Education, job growth and population growth were the main subjects she spoke briefly on before taking questions from the crowd.  She also emphasized that when she took office the state was $1.6 billion in the hole and now it has the required $650 million in a “rainy day” fund in case the economy dips in the future.


The governor spent about a half hour taking questions from the audience. Several students from Desert Edge High School asked whether improvements to the curriculum in the schools would result in higher test scores. The Governor replied that she hoped by raising the overall level of what was being taught to better match what students needed to know to get into Community colleges or universities that student test scores would automatically become higher.


When questioned on whether schools were being held accountable for the $2.7 billion raised for the School Facilities Board, she said they definitely needed to be accountable and that test scores would be one way to do that.  The Governor agreed with an audience member that there was a possible need to change formulas used by the School Facilities Board to help school districts better keep up with the state’s fast paced growth and mentioned a new law passed this past year that allows developers to build schools immediately with later reimbursement from the School Facilities Board.


Another student asked if minimum wages would increase and the Governor said there is a proposition on the ballot that would make us the 19th state to increase the minimum wage if it passes.


When asked about immigration reform at the border, Governor Napolitano said that she visits the border as frequently as every three weeks and much has changed in the way of enforcement, especially with added troops at the border and the use of more sophisticated electronic surveillance equipment. She added that much still needs to be done between Mexico’s new president and Washington, D.C. to help the states’ deal with the issue.


The Governor’s Town Hall followed her luncheon with Goodyear’s Mayor and Council and top City staffers at Goodyear City Hall where she was briefed on five key issues in Goodyear: I-10 widening, the coming regional shopping mall, the building of a new City Center, the proposed Spring Training baseball stadium, and attracting a private university.



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