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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

How to Lower Your Sewer Bill If You Live South of I-10



(GOODYEAR, AZ) - While it is important to conserve water all year long, it is especially important to conserve the amount of water you use during January, February and March in 2007. This is the key to keeping your sewer rate low for the next year if you are a City of Goodyear water customer (everyone who lives south of I-10; this does not apply to homes north of I-10 because they are served by a private water company, LPSCO).


To measure how many gallons of water a household sends into the sewer system, the City bases its estimate of your household's monthly sewer usage upon your household's average monthly water consumption during the winter. In January, February and March, it is assumed that the amount of water going down the sewer from inside the home most closely matches the amount of water going through your water meter into the house during those low water usage months. The City then averages your monthly water usage for those three months to determine your Winter Quarter Average (WQA).


Each May, your sewer bill is adjusted based on your WQA. The average is the maximum sewer usage you will be charged monthly for the next 12 months. If any month's water consumption is lower than your WQA, your sewer bill will be calculated using the lower sewer usage that month. However, if your monthly water consumption is higher than your WQA, your sewer usage will still be based on the lower WQA and could save you money.


Try not to fill swimming pools or hose off driveways and don't over water landscaping during January, February and March. For most plants, you can shorten your watering schedule in the winter months.


Conservation works!



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