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Public Information Office

For Immediate Release:

Friday, Jan. 19, 2007

Rental Property Owners in Goodyear Have Liability for Water Bills

(GOODYEAR, AZ)  Do you own a rental property in Goodyear south of I-10? If so, that dwelling unit’s water is provided by City of Goodyear and the City has the right to place a lien against the property for collection of unpaid utility bills.  As a result, utility bills are ultimately a property owner liability—regardless of who uses the service.


Property owners have two choices: 1) they can have the water account in their name, receive the bills each month from the City and forward to the tenant for payment or 2) they can have the service in the tenant’s name. If the tenant provides property owner contact information, the City will notify the property owner of delinquencies. For your own protection as a property owner you should make contact with the City to assure tenants have provided this information and that the information is accurate.  Additionally, you should immediately contact the City anytime the information changes. The City preserves its lien placement privilege whether or not this information has been provided.


Even for tenants with exemplary payment records for their utility bills, there will always be a final bill upon termination of the account.  If this final bill goes unpaid the property owner will be responsible for any portion remaining after application of the tenant’s original deposit with the City.  A new account will not be established at the property until the outstanding fees are paid in full.


Renting or leasing a property is a business enterprise.  As with any business enterprise there are certain liabilities against which the business owner needs to protect themselves. The City recommends property owners consider their liability for utility bills when setting, securing and releasing their own tenant security deposit for a property.


To read a copy of the full Water Service Ordinance, go to the City’s website: and search for Code 06-1012.  If you have questions, please contact Terri Denemy, 623-882-7876.



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