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Public Information Office

For Immediate Release:

Friday, April 6, 2007

Goodyear Cracks Down on Non-Payment of Sanitation Service


GOODYEARGoodyear residents may not know it is a violation of the City’s Property Maintenance Ordinance (“law”) to occupy a residence without running water and sanitation facilities. Violators will be referred to Code Enforcement Division for action which may involve a fine and potential court action if they continue to ignore the code after receiving warnings about it.


When a household is two months in arrears on its sanitation bill, a “Discontinuation of Service” letter will be sent to that account giving them notice that the total bill must be paid within a specified time period or their sanitation service will be stopped. Stoppage of this service then puts the household in the position of violating the code described above. To reinstate the service, the household will have to pay the total bill.


This action is necessary, because it is not fair to those residents who pay for service to let those who don’t, receive the service at no cost. In the areas of Goodyear where the City is the water provider, when someone is in arrears on their municipal bill (both trash and water), the City can turn off the water to the home to gain compliance with the law. However, in areas north of I-10 where the City does not control the water service, prior to our instituting the automated collection sanitation service, there had been no recourse for the non-paying household and it was harder to track which accounts were active and which were not.  


Now, because every house must have two cans with serial numbers matching that address, we are able to easily track those households that are violating the ordinance. We are also tracking those households that have never received containers to date and will turn them over to Code Enforcement for action if non-compliance continues. More than 2,500 households with non-active accounts already signed up for service when the automated system was first implemented. These 2,500 additional active accounts will bring in $645,000 in revenue to the City in one year.


The Furlough Program, which was recently discontinued, was also a contributing factor

to this non-payment problem, because many “snowbirds” living north of I-10 would stop their trash, but never start paying again when they returned and resumed using the service. Now residents who cancel their account will be responsible for the monthly sanitation fee until the containers are collected and returned to inventory. If a resident cancels their account and reestablishes it within 12 months, a service suspension fee of $125 plus a $50 activation fee will be charged to the account.


For questions on this matter, please contact the Finance Department at 623-932-3015.




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