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For Immediate Release:


Friday, April 20, 2007

Goodyear Firefighters’ Union Stance on Sonoran Valley

Annexation Misrepresented by Petitioners


(GOODYEAR, AZ) Members of the Sheet Metal Workers Local Union #359 held up signs stating “Support Goodyear Firefighters” as they attempted to obtain the signatures of Goodyear residents today on a petition challenging the City of Goodyear’s recent adoption of an ordinance to annex 67 square miles in the Sonoran Valley to be effective April 26, 2007.


When the Goodyear firefighters found out that signs and an accompanying flier were being used to imply that they did not support the City’s Sonoran Valley annexation, President of the Professional FireFighters of Arizona (PFFA) Tim Hill called the head of the Sheet Metal Workers Local Union #359 asking them to stop falsifying the Goodyear firefighter’s position on the annexation.


However, even after the call between union associations, when Patrick Doyle, PFFA West District Trustee approached the petitioners and asked them to stop using the “Support Goodyear Firefighters” signs and fliers, petitioners refused. 


According to Doyle, “The United Goodyear Firefighters Local 4005 supports this annexation.  As we planned how to staff this new area, we have been very cognizant of not lowering our level of service in the rest of Goodyear.  There will be no reduction in staff at any of our four stations in Goodyear in order for us to service the newly annexed area.”


Fire Chief Mark Gaillard added, “The Mobile area that is being annexed will be receiving a much higher level of service than they are currently receiving because the City will have one fulltime firefighter/EMT plus one fulltime firefighter/paramedic on shift 24/7.  In fact, the Mobile area will have much better fire protection after annexation than they have now because currently there is no organized fire department serving the area.”


Per a development agreement with Sonoran Valley developer Montage Holdings, the developer, not the City of Goodyear, is contractually obligated to pay for the fire staff and equipment and all expenses for a period of years until revenues are adequate to cover the expenses.


Copies of the Sonoran Valley development agreement that outlines all the services and infrastructure the developer is paying for until revenues come in to cover them, can be found on the City’s website at









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