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Public Information Office


For Immediate Release:


Thursday, May 31, 2007

Goodyear Police and Fire Departments

Host Awards Ceremony



(GOODYEAR, AZ) - The Goodyear Police and Fire departments held the second annual awards ceremony on May 24, 2007 to celebrate and acknowledge the many achievements of individuals in both departments over the past year.


Mayor Cavanaugh, City officials, staff and family members attended the occasion to honor the service of these employees and volunteers who are committed to the safety and protection of the public. The ceremony was held at the Tuscany Country Club in PebbleCreek.


Police Department Awards:

Years of Service Award

Telecommunications Operator Jean Kester, who is moving out of state, was recognized for 13 years of service to the City.

10 years:

Sergeant Jeff Wooten; Officers Ricky Melrose, Joe Pinuelas, and Bill Will

5 years:

Chilynn Benedict, Keri Crafton; Sergeants Scott Benson and Deron Miller; Officers Troy Castillo and Ryan Konings


Medal of Valor

Sergeant Jason Seabright and Officer Curtis Mott each received the Medal of Valor for risking their own lives while conducting a rescue of Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Sergeant Glen Powe after he had been seriously wounded while serving a search warrant to a high-risk suspect.


Meritorious Service Award

Sergeant Deron Miller and Officers Jason De Haan, Ryan Konings, Mark Moncada and Chad Waltz each received the Meritorious Service Award for their exceptional bravery and heroism as members of the Special Assignment Unit which assisted in the rescue of Sergeant Glen Powe during the search warrant incident.


Officer Tony Addison was awarded for apprehending three dangerous bank robbery suspects before they reached an apartment complex where they attempted to evade the police. 


Lifesaving Award

Sergeant Jason Seabright and Officers James Dougal and Peter Tomasovitch were recognized for saving the lives of two citizens trapped in a fiery crash vehicle.


Officer Tony Addison received the Lifesaving Award for saving a woman from a suicide attempt.


Officer Richard Beck was recognized for his efforts in saving the life of a man injured in a multiple vehicle accident. Officer Beck also assisted several injured victims and helped with crowd and traffic control.


Officer Pete Gutierrez was awarded for his successful efforts in preventing a suicide attempt.


Distinguished Service Award

Officer Jamie Benker was recognized for his exceptional customer service by taking it upon himself to replace a wheelchair that had been stolen from a disabled child.

Telecommunications Manager Chris Nadeau was recognized for maintaining safety, security and crowd control at the Goodyear Air Show.

Unit Citation Award

The Telecommunications Division received a Unit Citation Award for their commitment to being the point of contact for the public in times of emergency and distress. Working long hours under constant stress, they are the calm voice on the phone that reassures callers that help is on the way. The operators of the division are the unsung heroes of the Police Department, obtaining critical information from victims, witnesses and even suspects. The Telecommunications Division members are Eldridge Brown, Serena Denning, Sherry Geise, Dana Giebelman, Matthew Hoskins, Jean Kester, Leah Kiekbusch, Alison Maine, Chris Nadeau, Celeste Nuanez, Barbara Ortolano, Carolyn Scott, Shelly Tarasewicz and Tracy Turner.


The 70 Squad received a Unit Citation Award for their efforts to educate the community about the Police Department and provide helpful tips to citizens about crime prevention. Members of the 70 Squad are Sergeant Jeff Wooten; Officers Jason De Haan, Tizok Duque, Michael Guilbault, Eric Tessmer and Peter Tomasovitch.


Physical Fitness Award

Sergeants Deron Miller and Jason Seabright; Officers Gene Hindman, Justin Hughes, Jason Mattie and Jeff Mercy; Fire Department Captain Pat Doyle


Military Service Awards

United States Army:

Detectives Latroy Campbell and Jeff Vallandingham; Officers Troy Castillo, Scott Daniel, Ricky Melrose and Mike Miller; Telecommunications Manager Chris Nadeau

United States Air Force:

Officers Dave Bryant, Bengt Erickson, Mark Moncada, Angela Swan and Eric Webster; Telecommunications Operator Dana Giebelman

United States Navy:

Officers Tony Addison, Tom Iverson, Joe Pacello, Bill Ryan and Chad Waltz

United States Marine Corps:

Officer Richard Beck


Citizen's Plaque

Jeremy Chandler was recognized for assisting police in the apprehension of a shoplifting suspect.


Paul De Freitas was recognized for assisting police to apprehend four burglars by operating a security camera and giving information to police dispatch.


Volunteer of the Year Award

Mike Babyar was recognized for his work on educating the public about internet safety and ID theft.


Fire Department Awards

Individual Commendations

Captain Russ Braden was given an individual commendation for being chosen the Goodyear Fire Department Employee of the Year. Consistent in his approach to customer service, Captain Braden holds the highest expectations of himself and of his coworkers and models the City's values in his work. He is an officer who his peers respect and his superiors appreciate. Braden was hired as a Captain/Paramedic in 1996. In 2005, he received his Hazardous Materials Technician certification. Currently, he is the Captain of HM183 and additionally serves as the department's Public Information Officer.


Captain Darrin Green was recognized for coordinating the National Incident Management System (NIMS) training for the entire City of Goodyear, for serving as Terrorism Liaison Officer, and for organizing the Safety Stand Down program which provided Goodyear Fire Department personnel with valuable information on firefighter safety. The program included an overview of the causes of accidents and injuries and strategies for operating in a safer manner during an emergency response.


Firefighter Jeff Daniels was recognized for his assistance with the Goodyear Fire Department radio program. Daniels also volunteered to be a Training Assistant with Goodyear Fire Academy 06-1.


Captain Steve Mann was recognized for demonstrating a high degree of professionalism, diligence, dedication and character in response to a barricaded person who was threatening suicide.


Military Service Ribbon

United States Air Force:

Firefighter Liam Tierney

United States Navy:

Firefighter Kenneth Heng

United States Marine Corps:

Firefighter Anthony Martin


Honor Guard Service Ribbon

Firefighters Hakim Benmoussa and John Styke


Skookum Award

Fire Captain Nick Lyons and Police Officer Jason Mattie were recognized for their work in organizing the first annual Goodyear Police Department versus Goodyear Fire Department (Guns versus Hoses) Charity Football Game.




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