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City of Goodyear, Arizona

Public Information Office


For Immediate Release: July 9, 2008


Goodyear’s newest fire station opens in PebbleCreek


GOODYEAR, AZGoodyear's new fire station in PebbleCreek is up and running.


Fire Station 185 is located at 15875 W. Clubhouse Drive. It is the fifth fire station to be built in Goodyear, and the second station located north of Interstate 10. The new station will serve the PebbleCreek area, and the new Estrella Falls mall by Westcor which is slated to open on the northwest corner of Bullard Avenue and McDowell Road in 2010.


The new fire station became operational on June 26. Because many PebbleCreek residents are away during the summer months, the official Grand Opening Celebration is being planned for mid-November.


The 10,800 square-foot fire station cost about $3 million to build. It has two vehicle bays and houses a four-person fire engine.


The 12-member crew of Fire Station 185 began working together at Fire Station 3 on May 11.


“We like new crews to spend a month or so together beforehand,” said Battalion Chief Russ Braden. “It gives them a chance to get used to one another and to gel as a team.”


Fire Station 185's engine will be staffed with a minimum of four firefighters each day, including two EMTs and two paramedics, Braden said.


Like all Goodyear’s fire stations, the newest station provides emergency coverage for the entire city, as well as other areas of the Valley when needed.


Goodyear Fire Department is one of the 26 cities that are members of the valley-wide Automatic Aid Consortium. These fire departments work in cooperation with one another to respond as quickly as possible to emergency calls. The closest available unit will respond, even if the location is outside that city’s boundaries.


"Residents should always dial 9-1-1 for all emergencies," Braden said. "The closest available unit will be dispatched. Sometimes that will be the station in the neighborhood, and sometimes it will be a different station. It all depends on the circumstances at the time the call comes in."


"It's a bad idea to come to the fire station in person when you're having an emergency," Braden said. "The crew might be away from the station on another call, and there could be no one on site to help. That's why it's important to call 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency, and let help come to you."


For information and all non-emergency matters, residents should contact the City of Goodyear Fire Administration Office at 623-932-2300.


In addition to responding to emergencies, Fire Station 185 will be working closely with the community to help keep residents safe. They will be spending lots of time involved in neighborhood activities.


With crew members away from the station so often, it’s not uncommon for visitors to find that no one is there to answer the door.


“If residents notice that the truck is not in the bay at the station, it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a fire in the neighborhood,” Braden said. “Our fire crew might be out on a call in another area, on a training exercise or conducting inspections. When the crew is here, we keep them pretty busy,” Braden said.


Ongoing training sessions and physical fitness workouts are part of every fire crew's routine. They also go off-site to fuel the truck and take care of vehicle maintenance, Braden said. There’s no janitorial or cleaning staff for the Fire Department, so each crew member is responsible for keeping the “house” spic and span.


“Even when there aren’t a lot of emergency calls, there’s never much down time,” Braden said.


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