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City of Goodyear, Arizona

Public Information Office

For Immediate Release: Friday, August 8, 2008

Goodyear pool hosts Open Swim weekends,

Back-to-School Bash


Goodyear, Ariz.Don’t miss Open Swim weekends and the Back to School Bash at the Goodyear Swimming Pool, 430 E. Loma Linda Blvd.


The pool will be open for Open Swim from noon to 6 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday from August 9 through September 28.


The Back-to-School Bash from 6 to 8 p.m., Saturday, August 9, has something for everyone – Hot dogs, chips, sno cones, games and prizes. Win backpacks, markers and other back-to-school supplies. Admission is free for children 3 years old and younger, and $2 per person for children and adults.


The pool reopens this weekend after being closed for cleaning on July 29, after the water tested positive for a parasite that can sicken swimmers.


The city closed the pool and splash pad immediately after tests returned positive for Cryptosporidium and hyper chlorinated the water. The chlorine level was raised to 40 parts per million, twice that recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.


“The CDC recommends using this aggressive treatment because the high level of chlorine kills the crypto,” said Brian Barnes, Goodyear Public Works Deputy Director. “Now that the chlorine and pH levels are back to normal, we know the water is safe and residents can enjoy the pool again.”


Crypto is a parasite that can live in human and animal intestines and infects others through fecal contamination. It is important to wash hands thoroughly after using the bathroom or changing a diaper. Make sure children, especially the little ones, take frequent “potty breaks.” Infants and toddlers MUST wear snugly fitting “swim” diapers, such as Huggies Little Swimmers.


City officials will begin handing out brochures at the splash pad when it reopens to help educate the public about the importance of good hygiene for children and adults using the facilities.


“Keeping people safe is our top priority,” Barnes said. “Parents have a lot to think about, and we want to make sure everyone understands how important it is to use swim-proof diapers and use good hand-washing practices.”


Huggies Little Swimmers and similar products are available at most local retail stores. Come prepared, though. The leak-resistant diapers are not for sale at the Goodyear Pool or Splash Pad, and pre-potty-trained children will not be permitted to use the facilities without them.




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