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City of Goodyear, Arizona

Public Information Office


For Immediate Release: Aug. 28, 2008


Goodyear introduces curbside recycling program to accept all types of plastics


GOODYEAR, Ariz. – Goodyear is one of the first cities in Arizona to accept all types of plastics in a curbside recycling program.


Local residents can now use the curbside recycling containers for plastics type 1 through type 7. Until recently, only plastic water and soda bottles (plastics type 1) and milk and water jugs (plastics type 2) could be recycled through the Goodyear curbside collection program. There will be no increase in the monthly sanitation rates.


Plastic items must fit loosely in the recycling containers. Residents are asked to take extra care to not overfill or tightly pack the containers.  Items left outside the recycling containers will not be collected.


Some of the new types of plastics that will be accepted for recycling include:


  • Tubs and containers, such as yogurt, margarine (must be thoroughly rinsed)
  • Five-gallon buckets; plastic bins and crates
  • Personal care containers and prescription bottles
  • Heavy-duty water bottles, plates and beverage cups
  • Toys, including plastic tricycles
  • Frozen meal trays (must be thoroughly rinsed)
  • Party trays and deli containers (must be thoroughly rinsed)
  • Laundry baskets
  • Plant pots


Plastics that will not be accepted for recycling include:


  • plastic bags
  • plastic film
  • packing wrap
  • Styrofoam


Additional information to help residents understand these new changes will be posted on the city's website,, and in the InFocus magazine. City staff is also working on outreach programs with schools, HOA's and other public education opportunities to spread the word about the change in the program.

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