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City of Goodyear, Arizona

Public Information Office

For Immediate Release: Oct. 22, 2008


Tough times get better:

Local businesses donate $30,000 in materials and labor for home makeover “Make-A-Difference Day” project



GOODYEAR, ARIZ. (Oct. 21, 2008) – It’s been a rough patch for the man in the run-down house in Arnold Manor.


Eddie Gonzales, a long-time Goodyear resident, has arthritis in both knees. He lives alone. Even the simple tasks of daily living are difficult. His yard has been neglected and the home has fallen into disrepair.


The front yard is hidden under weeds and vines. The carport is falling apart and feral cats have taken over the eaves. There’s a beehive in the wall, and the outside stucco is a mess. Scorpions and spiders inhabit an ancient wood pile. Old appliances litter the backyard and the rusty shed is an eyesore.


This weekend, though, things will change.


Make-A-Difference Day on Saturday, October 25, is a national day of helping others. It’s a celebration of neighbors helping neighbors. Goodyear’s volunteers are tackling four projects, beginning with Gonzales’ home.


The residence is getting a top-to-bottom makeover, with new siding, paint and landscaping rock. The back and front yards will be cleaned, the carport will be repaired and the bees will be removed. Neighbors are especially glad to see the property getting spruced up.


Tammy Billman, owner of Jaetam General Contracting, volunteered to take on the role of project manager. She helped coordinate more than $30,000 in donated labor and materials, much of which came from her company and business owners like Rudolfo Brothers Plastering who contributed over $9000 in materials and 288 hours of labor.


Goodyear’s Make-A-Difference Day planning began months ago when they were contacted by Nancy Herrington, President Elect of the Litchfield Park Rotary Club to partner with her and the other two west valley clubs, White Tanks and Estrella, to identify large scale projects in Goodyear. This is the first collaborative project in Rotary history. Together they thought they could have a greater impact.


“These projects really bring people together,” Switanek said. “I’m always amazed when I see how generous the people in our community are with their time, their resources and their talents – especially during these difficult economic times.”


Goodyear’s other Make-A-Difference Day projects in collaboration with Rotary include:


  • Mobile Elementary School – With Rotary donations of cash and materials valued at $6,000, volunteers will paint office and kitchen walls, fix an eroding basin, build and fill a sandbox, and purchase an assortment of new books for the school.


  • White Tanks Cemetery – More than $4,000 will go towards cleaning up the grounds, planting 20 trees and adding 20 new benches.


  • Historic Goodyear Alleyways – The alleys will be cleaned up. Trash, brush and debris will be removed.


For their outstanding efforts in renovating the Arnold Manor house, special thanks go to Tammy Billman of Jaetam General Contracting, Bren Con Pest Control, Rudolfo Brothers, Atko Building Materials, Sombrero  Construction, Mr. Handyman of the West Valley, CertaPro, R & K Hauling, Goodyear Electric, Timesaver Plumbing, Creative Air, Triple AAA Insulation, Taylor Ent, Southwest Dreams by Dawn, Big Apple Bagels, Waste Management, AZ Cats, Sherwin Williams.


For their work on the Mobile Elementary School project, thanks go to Mr. Handyman of the West Valley, Certa Pro Painters, Gila River Sand and Gravel Corp., Heritage Trucking, Arizona Rock Products Association, Litchfield Park Rotary Club, Clay Goodman, Estrella Rotary Club, White Tanks Goodyear Rotary Club, David Lesnick, Laura Bierl, Max Wilson & Daughters Real Estate, Zymages, Don and Dorothy Mellon of McDonalds, Addington & Associates, LLC, Credit Union West, LandCare Unlimited, John Manobianco State Farm Insurance, Karsten’s ACE Hardware, West Valley National Bank, Sherwin Williams, City of Goodyear volunteers, Phoenix Rotaract.


For their contributions to the White Tanks Cemetery project, thanks are offered to White Tanks Rotary, Litchfield Park Rotary, Estrella Rotary, Phoenix Rotary, Litchfield Park Mayor Tom Schoaf, Karsten’s ACE Hardware, LandCare Unlimited, Leaps, Sound Advice Financial Planning.



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